Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sneak Attacks and other Business

This morning when my mother was gone, my Father and I re arranged our front room and turned it into an art studio of sorts. We've been planning on doing this for a while, but my mother has heavily refused to hear of any such nonsense. Violently Opposed. But we did it anyways. After she came home, we decided it may not be a good idea after all, so who knows whether we will actually do anything there or not. I may have to take my painting back to the dungeon. But nonetheless I intend to start oil painting within the next week or so.

now for the other business. my love life has somewhat surprisingly gone nowhere, But hey whatever. One of my faithful Blog stalkers mentioned that I should write a book (I've decided not to name said person, because then it gives a mysterious taste to the whole thing). I don't know what she wants me to write about, I assume my life. I've tried to write a book or so before. Never made it very far. Though I have been giving her suggestion quite a bit of thought. Might be pretty entertaining. Though I already have to write two plays and a movie. So it would be a while If I ever got around to it. Anyways, I still burst into seemingly Random Grins. But they aren't random. There is a great reason behind it. Prom. I told you all I'd be smiling for months about it, and I spoke the truth. 

And in other news: Two Hemispheres. It's Bloody genius! God knew what he was doing. I mean think about this:  when it's winter here, It's summer for the other half of the world....therefore there is fruit and vegetables being produced all year round! And with our modern day trade routes, we can enjoy such tasty foods at anytime of the year. The human body. It's amazing. There are so many crazy things it does! like passing out to protect you from being stupid and killing yourself by forgetting to breathe. Though I do have to say the big man messed up on one thing when it came to me. I'd be invincible if it weren't for this one weakness. It's a real Achilles Heel, gets me almost every time. But I shan't be telling you about it now. Oh I will eventually, but I'd rather you wait in utter darkness. Total Suspense.

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