Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jamaica days 6-7

Friday 5/27/2011

The day began with me waking up before everyone else and listening to the Grateful Dead. When it was breakfast, I had an omelet here at the hotel. The plan after that was to exchange more money, get our clothes washed, and go shopping. And we did exactly that. I bought myself another hat, a super cool weird purple shirt, and a Yellow Jamaican soccer Jersey. Ethan got a green Jersey. they are super nice, breathe easy, and don't stick to your skin in the humidity. Plus we look super sexy! after spending way too much time shopping at the market, we went to lunch at  some rooftop restaurant that had a nice view of the port. We then returned to the hotel. The group then proceeded to split up. I stayed at the hotel and fell asleep while Josh C beat the game Enigmo on my ipod. The rest of the group came back and dropped off the clean laundry and snacks they had purchased. After a few hours, Jace came and told us to go to dinner with the group. When dinner was over, we came back to the hotel. Chelise and Mari played Egyptian Rat Slap again. This time they raised the stakes. Whoever lost had to carry the other persons water on the hike in the Blue Mountains. It was an intense game! wrestling, biting, slapping. Mari won 2 of 3 games. shortly after that, Colman said "Mari can I talk to you?" after she hesitantly said yes, Colman bursts out "I like you". Short, Simple, to the point, and bloody awkward. At some point two blood spots showed up on my bed, and no one knows where they came from. It's really freaking me out.

Saturday 5/28/2011

Lets see, I woke up at 6 a.m. (5a.m. Utah time) did a few word searches, waited for the others to wake up. Around 8 everyone was pretty much awake. Josh Graham took a few students to the beach. Ethan and I just chatted in our room and packed up our gear until breakfast at 11. Then we waited for the bus to whisk us off to the Blue Mountains. The bus ride was 4 hours long, but it was fun. As usual, I sat next to Chelise (we were riding buddies the whole trip) we told stories, listened to music, and peered out the window. For once she didn't fall asleep. We got off the bus and into the bed of a truck...that's where the fun began!  We stood up in the back, bouncing around the road, ducking under branches so as not to be decapitated. Everyone was having a great time, cept Mari, who was freaking out. I held her hand to help calm her down. Man she has a death grip. At one point the truck stopped because it was smoking. Olivia said "what if the truck started rolling backwards?" Well, it did exactly that! It was pretty scary. Luckily the driver got it stopped before we hurtled off any cliffs. Everyone was freaking out though. We jumped out of the truck and waited for them to get it fixed. after a few minutes we were back on the road. a little bit later, Eli says " at least there are no cars coming down" but ya can't guess what happenend. then Josh Graham was talking about the car rolling back again. Yep it did that too. It was a cursed ride! Mari was totally freaking out by then. But Chelise sang her comfort song which helped a lot. Finally we made it to the hostel. it's a super neat place, tucked away in the Blue Mountains, surrounded by bushes, flowers, and massive trees. No electricity. Really really peaceful. I would enjoy living here. after dinner, I told Mari what to write in her letter to Anette for the day. Chelise and Mari both wrote me cute little letters cause there isn't a whole lot to do here. Now I'm sitting here writing under the light of an oil lamp.

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