Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Stakeout

Recently my uncle and I traded cars for a few days. On thursday, we traded back. I didn't even think about the car being locked. And I always always make sure the car is locked. So Friday I got in the car to discover that it had been looted! After looking around for a few minutes, I realized that nothing had really been taken. I mean the most valuable things in there were 3 Cd's and jumper cables. But those were all still there. The only things missing were roughly twenty cents worth of change and the spare key. Oh and according to Sage some tampons. Couldn't figure out why you'd take a spare key, unless you were coming back. I devised a plan. I decided that I was going to sleep in the car in case anything went down. So I grabbed my sleeping bag, Ipod, pillow, phone, pocket knife, oh and a meat Cleaver. My idea was that I'd wait there in case the rober/roberess showed up. I was hoping that they'd show up, jump in the car and try to still it. And while they were driving away, I'd pop up in the back, give them the Heart Attack of their life and get crafty with the cleaver if necessary. Well I layed their all night with no such luck. Kind of disappointing to tell you the truth. All I got was a bad night of sleep. I don't get cold very easy, but it was like freaking Siberia slurping on a strawberry smoothie out there! So cold. Anyways, hopefully it isn't too much work to change the door locks...just in case.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Quest for a Hobby

I suppose there is some explaining that needs to be had. So one of my New Years resolutions...that I actually made up on the 31st of January was/is to go a whole month without using my computer. Which is why I haven't been on Facebook or blogging as much. Figured I waste too much time doing nothing on my computer. I pretty much only use it for listening to music, Facebook, and photography(which I haven't really been doing lately). So I unplugged my computer. I mean, all of my music is on my Ipod anyways, so it's not really a problem. But there is a problem! I have nothing to do anymore. no way to spend my time. and I am now currently on a quest for hobbies. Thus far my quest has taken me to the research phase. I found after Googling "good hobbies" a few options. pipe smoking, ale brewing, ballroom dancing, and of course Shark hunting! Hmmm don't think any of those will work too well for me. Though apparently I do have a lot of hobbies according to the lists I found. But none of them are satisfying/time consuming/tedious word searches...that's pretty much all I have been doing recently. I did find a new hobby of sorts a few weeks ago, I read O Captain! My Captain! and Moonlight. you'll have to scroll down and find them. Check it out: can't do that anymore though...kind of need a computer.  Last week, I was so bored that I went to bed at like 8:00. yeah that was a bad idea. woke up at midnight and couldn't sleep any more. Now I have pretty much have nothing to do. It's been bloody boring!  But hey, I get to bed alot earlier without a computer to distract me. I do have an idea for a hobby though. But I have none of the necessary equipment, and no clue how to actually do it. So we'll see what ends up happening with that. Don't worry, I'll let you know. Anyways, you guys should give me some hobby suggestions, yes? I think so. preferably reasonable ones, but hey, I don't discriminate.