Friday, July 30, 2010

Photo From the Vault

I've decided to do a thing that I call Photo From the Vault. So every Friday, I am going to put up a random photo that has me in it. If the photo has a particular story I'll certainly tell it. This one is me and my first Brother Eli taken on October 22, 2003. He was 11 months old, I was 9

Goodbye Rebecca

well I woke up yesterday at about 4:30 pm, feeling a lot less sick, and went to my Aunt and Uncles to hang out with Rebecca the girl from Italy, who has been staying with them for most of the summer. It was the last time I got to see her, cause her plane left today at 4:00 pm. It was good times, we ate pizza, played Old Maid in the backyard, talked and chilled, and also took some hilarious/super scary photos. She really didn't want to leave and badly wants to come back next year. she also told me that she would like to come live here and go to BYU. She also wants to stay, cause "Italian boys are short and ugly, but American boys are hot". Anyways, I hope she can come back and visit next year, cause she is pretty hilarious and its fun to ask her questions ans such.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


well, today I woke up feeling sick....and you all know how fun that is! so anyways, I'm missing work today, but even worse than that, I had to reschedule my road test with the DMV that was supposed to be today! Which really makes me mad cause after I complete it, I'll have me liscense! Now I have to wait til August 10th (my dads birthday) to do it. Another horrible thing is that My Uncle has had an Argentine girl (who has been living in Italy for a few years) living with him all summer and she is flying back to Italy tomorrow. So Tonight we are going to have a party and go bowling with her. She is pretty hilarious, and really doesn't want to go home. My uncle met her family when he went on a mission to Argentina and so her parents had her come out here to see what America is like, and also because she is the only LDS girl at her school, they wanted her to experience life here in utah where nearly everyone is Mormon. but she says that she likes American boys way more than Italian, cause Italian boys are short :) bottom line is, it sucks being sick! and why today of all days?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Concerts I've Been To

1.The Grateful dead (when I was about 1 year old @ the Delta Center)
2.Bob Dylan (2 consecutive nights @ Red Rocks Ampitheatre in Colorado)
3.The Vandals (@ the Venue)
Bad Manners (@ the Venue)
5.Bob Dylan (@ Deer Valley)
Henry Rollins Spoken Word (@ Murray Theater)

7.Stan Ridgway (@ the Bit N' Spur)
8.The Doobie Brothers (opening for the Dead @ the Gorge)
The Allman Brothers (opening for the Dead @ the Gorge)

The Dead (@ the Gorge in Washington)
Gogol Bordello (@ Murray Theater)

10.The Offspring (Big Ass Show @ Usana)
The Vibrant Sound (@ Velour)

Rancid (@ the Venue)

Bob Dylan (@ Saltair)

2 and 1/2 White Guys (@ Main St. Theater)

15.Paul McCartney (@ Rio Tinto Stadium)
The Rhythm Devils (@ Red Butte Gardens)

Those are all the concerts I've been to (or at least that I can think of right now)
and I hope to see Bob Dylan again this Aug 17th!

Monday, July 26, 2010

School Schedule

As of now, this is my school schedule (in case you want to stalk me)

1st. Honors Chemistry
2nd. Outdoor Rec.
3rd. Literature of War and Peace
4th. Pre Calculus
5th. Discreet Math
6th. Chinese 2
7th. Math Major

yep, I'm taking quite a few Josh Faulkner classes. Figured I'd better get them before he's gone! and that will leave me with 4 years of math credit.

What A Day

today started out highly uneventful. but as the time ticked on it began to get better and better. It began at Bass lessons. nothing super exciting happened there, but then my mom decided she would forget about me and leave me there for an extra hour! that really sucked! Then I came home and had to mow the lawn which also sucked, but then it started raining and with lightning fairly near by I quit halfway through. Then I began to clean my room and got a lot of stuff moved out that I haven't used in forever. So its looking pretty good right now. I was on facebook while cleaning and had a fun/interesting conversation with Ashley. Soon after she got off, I began talking to a friend whom I haven't seen in about a year, and was highly excited to find that she is coming back to Walden this year. Very unfortunately we won't have any classes together which really really really really sucks! but it will be good to see her and hang out at lunch and such. But She is planning on taking Photo J so I told her we ought to go shooting sometime, which would be super fun, but we'll see. and the name of this mystery friend happens to be Shannen. Anyways, it was good talking to her, and I am quite excited for school to start now.

Rhythm Devils

Last Night, I went to the Rhythm Devils concert at Red Butte Garden in SLC. The Rhythm Devils are Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart (the two Drummers/percussionists of the Grateful Dead) with a bass player, two guitarists and an African man playing a Talking Drum! It was a super great concert and they played a lot of Grateful Dead songs plus some of their own Rhythm Devils songs. It was an experience truly beyond words. The highlights of the show for me were when they played an amazing Cold Rain and Snow and also a Scarlet Begonias/Fire On the Mountain jam. I have to admit that some of the most spiritual moments in my life have been at concerts, and that was one of them. Truly no better way to spend an evening! I hope to have the opportunity to see them again soon. And I pray every day that the Dead will tour again soon!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Beggining

Well, I've decided to start a blog, for a few reasons: to keep me entertained, to inform people of the craziness/excitement of my life, and at the same time work sort of as a journal. so I hope you all enjoy!