Monday, August 30, 2010

My Official School Schedule

here is my new schedule as of now, but who knows, cause i've already had to change it 3 times today.

0. early morning seminary @ 7:30
1. Honors Chemistry
2. Pre Calculus
3. Chinese 2 (also War and Peace Lit.)*
4. Astronomy
5. Discreet Math
6. Sociology Through Film
7. Math Major

* I had to Change my Chinese class to third period, to take it since thats the only time the teacher can do it. but I already signed up for War and Peace Lit, since I need and English. But Stephanie is going to let me do the classwork at home, so I won't actually ever go to it.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Photo From the Vault #3

I know I've been a Slacker at doing photo from the vault so i'm going to try and improve.

8/22/05 First day of 6th grade! thats me with my teacher, and this is a really bad picture of the both of us.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Walden Walkabout

Woke up Monday morning, made it to the school about 8:30 and went up to the art room to take my share of the food for the trip. Josh Graham and the new chemistry teacher Dave were our group chaperones. roughly 9:30 we got in the Suburban to leave, and found out that the front passenger door wouldn't close! so we took a bungy cord and wrapped it around the door. when we got to the drop off point (the highline trail in the Uintas) everyone else was there waiting for us. then the girls started off down the trail and a few minutes later we began hiking. we hiked in about 2 miles and everyone took the wrong turn and went to a lake. when we figured out we took the wrong turn, we all headed back and went the right way. Dallas, Ethan and I were partners and walked the whole trail together. on the way we talked about tons of different things. one of the main subjects being girls (but thats all you get to know). we hiked in about 6-8 miles to where we camped at another lake. Ethan made us an amazing dinner with the limited supplieswe had. Dallas put on his camo pants and tied the bottom, then he tried to take them off and got stuck, so he was standing there in his boxers with his pants tied to his ankles, it was hilarious! about 7:30 Dallas, Ethan and I went and got in my tent cause it was super cold! we talked, cracked jokes, and laughed til sometime after midnight. eventually we fell asleep and woke up at 5 a.m. to find that the entire inside of the tent was coated in Ice thanks to condensation and the cold temperature. around like 7, we got out of the tent so we wouldn't get rained on since the sun was starting to come up. after having breakfast and packing up, we left camp and planned to hike 2 miles back down the trail to yet another lake. but that lake was dried up, so we headed back to the lake we got lost at the day before. we got there and set up camp roughly around 3p.m. Then we did solo's for what was supposed to be an hour but pretty much turned out to be 45 min. then Dallas decided it would be a good idea to build a raft and that I should help him. About an hour later, we had built a raft and I was to take the maiden voyage. Dallas and Jeffrey Willeto pushed me out and then Bessie the raft started going crazy, rolling around tipping in all directions. after riding it for about a minute I was thrown off into the lake with nasty slimy mud knee deep. We abandoned Bessie and floated out into the middle of the freezing cold lake on a log and then realized that it was way too deep to touch. Then we began to paddle back towards shore. when we made it to shore, Ethan had made dinner for everyone and it was yet again great. we messed around for a while,Cael who was wearing short short shorts decided it would be a good idea if he tried to smoke part of his shorts that he had just cut off. then had a bead ceremony where we said nice things about eachother. soon after we went to bed and woke up the next morning around 7. ate breakfast, cleaned up camp then headed back to the cars to meet up with the ladies. we had to go about 2 miles that day, but it was all uphill. when we got to the top, all the guys were there, but no girls. after a few minutes, I decided it would be good to go help Dave and a new kid named Max hike(because they were kind of having a hard time). so Josh Graham, Dallas and I went down and helped them by carrying packs and giving them some more water. after that, Dallas and I went back down again to help and of the girls that were struggling make it to the cars because we are fine gentlemen :). we came up with the last of the girls, and went over to the group camp. I played the card game BS with Dallas, Genevieve, "Tea", and Shannen. Shannen won, and I pretty much lost! after we went over by the fire and then Shannen decided we should go for a walk around the lake. so Ethan, Mercedes, Shannen and I set off to walk around the lake. we only made it about 1/4 of the way when we stopped at a boulder and began skipping rocks. it was fun hanging out and talking with them. and a few minutes later Dallas showed up after getting attacked/raped. and we all sat there some more talking and watched the moon come up over the mountains and reflect on the lake. roughly 2 hours after we got there, Carl came and yelled at us to come back to camp. so we all went and sat around the fire. then Dallas and Ethan left so I could spend time with the ladies. so I sat there with my arms around Shannen and Mercedes for a while. then they went to bed and Dallas Ethan and I went around to the other 2 fires and talked with people. when we were all told to go to bed, Ethan started freaking out about the desert he made that night not being good enough which was a lie. We tried to get him to calm down a bit and eventually Dallas fell asleep. Ethan and I continued to talk until about 1 a.m. then fell asleep. I woke up at 6 a.m. and Ethan woke up a few minutes later, then we decided to go start a fire and we helped set everything up for breakfast. then we gathered wood all morning with Dallas and Dave for the fire. Ate breakfast, packed up and left. all in all, it was the best Walkabout I've gone on. We had a great group with tons of cool kids most of them freshmen. and all the new students at Walden are pretty awesome!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Corruption in Provo Pt. 2

A few hours after calling the Mayor, we headed over to the lot to see if we could negotiate anything and get the car back. when we pulled up, no one was really around and the car was sitting there. my dad and I were going to go in, when suddenly my mom gets out of the car and says i'm going to go get it. So she walks right in there, unlocks the car, jumps in and drives off!! It was about the most awesome thing ever!!! Just over a half hour later a Provo cop shows up at our door. apparently the secretary had seen my mom take off with the car. The cop was pretty nice, but basically he said you can go pay the $200 or get Sued and you will lose. so he made us go to the towing place and then he came and tried to figure out with the lady there why the price was $200 rather than $157 like the sign said. She said there is a $25 storage fee and a $30 paperwork fee. the cop looked the stuff over and said yep "they've got you on that one". so we payed the $200 to the Provo Mafia and left. one thing we did learn though, is that the companies don't get any sort of kickback from the towing company. so we are wondering why anyone would let those slimy scum bags tow cars from their lot. In Provo, tow trucks drive around all night like vultures just searching for anyone they can tow and steal $200 from! anyways, my dad is going to meet with the owner of the towing company Monday. we're pretty sure nothing will come of it, but worth a try I suppose. we are also going to make a documentary about the corruptness of towing in Provo, write a letter to the editor talking about it and have a link to the video (basically saying, buisnesses why are you letting the towing companies do this?). I think it will open some peoples eyes and be really good. Another thing I am thinking, is we should have just let them sue! Because technically I believe they would have to sue me, because I'm the one who parked there and wouldn't have payed the fee. In which case, it would screw them over, cause they sure wouldn't get more than a hundred or so dollars and it would cost them much more than that in Legal fees. Anyways, I will keep everyone posted on the Corruption of the Provo Mafia and their towing company

Corruption in Provo

Thursday the 19th I drove our Suburban to a friends concert at Muse in Provo. I couldn't find anywhere to park on either side of the street for a few blocks, so I went around the corner and parked at the Pro Title building. I parked in their parking lot, and somehow missed the signs that said cars will be towed at owners expense blah blah blah. so I met up with Dallas and went inside. after our friends played, we came out to the car and put Dallas's pogo stick in the back (thats a different story) it was about 9 p.m. at that time. then we went back inside to watch the other band perform. they were pretty awesome. then Dallas and I walked to the car (about 10:00) only to find that it was gone! I specifically remembered locking the car, so I discovered that it had been towed! Called my dad, he came and got us. we called the number on the towing sign to discover that the car had in fact been towed and it would be $200 to get it back!! when in fact the sign says $157. my dad told them on the phone that they'd have better towed us to Idaho for that price! however they only towed us 1-3 miles! (we're going to go measure the actual distance soon). the next morning we called the buisness owners to see what they could do about it. the buisness was closed when I parked there and I certainly wasn't hurting them at all!! they said that they have to be careful how late the stay at work or they'll get towed! so we called the mayor and he said that seemed ridiculous that it costs $200 for a towing fee, he said he'd look into it.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Photo From the Vault #2

this is from 5/31/04. I'm holding my new brother Zeyan at the hospital. with the rest of my siblings at the time gathered round
Well last night I talked to two future Waldeneers. they seem pretty cool. One of them happens to be named Morgan.....guess I won't be the only one anymore. they both seemed pretty psyched for school to start.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

past week

well, I haven't really done anything super exciting this last week. just workin. although I have been writing/ working on a few Bass lines. they're alright, I have written one I really really like yet though.