Monday, September 27, 2010

My Life's Purpose

Saturday night, I was sitting on facebook Chatting with some friends, when Suddenly and Idea hit me. It was like a bus crashing through my window! I sat up and said "my lifes purpose is to make people happy! to cheer them up when they are feeling down, to be a friend you can always talk to, someone to vent your feelings and frustrations to, an open set of arms always their to embrace people." then I started to think about it more and realized that I've been working on this goal my entire life. I enjoy making people happy. Why am I like this? honestly I don't know, probably because its my lifes purpose. However, today I realized that it is going to be a tough job and that I'm not going to be able to always make everyone happy. But I intend to try my very very very very best and never will I give up!

Timp Lodge

At Walden, once annually we go to Timp Lodge up at Sundance, which is owned by BYU. The Highschool went up Wednesday morning and returned around noon on Friday. Every year we have a dance one night, a talent show the other. We also do a few classes and for part of one day the elementary comes up and we do workshops with them. we also always hike to Stewart Falls. I drove Sage and I up there, the first day was mostly boring, just walked around and talked to people. but that night was the talent show and it was really good. I was super surprised at how many new students performed material. then a few of us walked down to Sundance even though it was closed. We decided to take the short cut back up (through the woods over by the ampitheater) and a few people started freaking out, but I told them I knew the way and we all made it out....I think). Then that night we all went to bed, and the guys were all being way noisy and Carl had to come yell at us mutliple times until finally we were quiet. the next day was better, the little children came up and did workshops, then we went and all hiked Stewart Falls. We returned to eat dinner then chill for a while before the dance started. the dance theme was 80's so we had a trivia game (at which Dallas kicked butt!) and people dressed up all crazy. The dance was the funnest Walden dance I've been to yet. Somehow I lost my shirt during it though and at one point I went in the kitchen and Ethan rubbed Apple crisp all over my chest! After the dance, Sonora decided it would be a good idea to play truth or dare so we went into some room where we wouldn't annoy people. the game quickly turned into Dare or Dare. it was interesting cause the rules were we couldn't move from where we were sitting. so basically all the dares were kissing. Which was kind of awkward, cause Sage kissed my friend and also I kissed two of her friends (which are also some of my new Best friends...but not cause of that). the game ended probably about 2 A.M. then we were going to play spin the lemon, but didn't (probably for the better). so then we just sat around and talked for a while and then Kaitlyn fell asleep on me so it was about 4:30 when we all went to bed. but it was good times! Friday morning we just cleaned the place up and left. It was probably my best Timp Lodge yet!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Official Story

alright everybody, this is the official story of what is actually going on. So Friday, the Timp Lodge hookup lists went up. Shannen and I were on two of them together, which is a fair assumption, since we have been hanging out a bit. However, we are nothing more than good friends. She was fairly mad about the lists and somehow i got the delusional idea that she was super mad at me. so some of my facebook status's (which I'm sure you saw) were related to that delusion. The truth is, she wasn't/isn't mad at me. I don't really know the details about this, but apparently quite a few people sent her messages asking her why she was "being a bitch to me". I think that is really lame of whoever did it. I understand you are only trying to help, but I can take care of my own problems. In fairness, I shouldn't have posted such things on facebook (especially when they weren't true). The messages that Shannen got caused her to delete her facebook. Although i don't really know any solid details about them, they must have been pretty bad. I'll I'm asking is that those of you who may have sent nasty messages apologize to her and then forget about the whole thing. Because in truth it is all my fault and none of hers.

Shannen, I'm sorry for causing all these problems, pains and troubles for you. I ask for your forgiveness and hope that we can continue being great friends.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A New Chapter

Recently I've been doing some thinking and have decided that I need to show my crazy side more often. A lot of the time when I feel like doing something insane, I hold back. The question is why? Cause I really don't care what people think of me and I certainly have nothing to lose! so from here on out if I feel like being wild, I'm not going to hesitate, I'll just be myself. And we'll have to see what happens!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


In all honesty, music is pretty much the only thing that has kept me alive this long. I certainly couldn't live with out it. Every minute I'm at home, I'm almost guaranteed to be listening to music. I rarely go anywhere without an ipod. Through good and bad times I've always been able to just turn on some music and get through the craziness of life. When I'm feeling down, the Grateful Dead always manage to put a smile on my face. anyways with out music I would die!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


what don't I believe in? well many things, but this is specifically about "Leagues". like "She is way out of your league". I think that is the stupidest thing ever! there is no such thing as leagues! people that think there are are just stupid. man is created equal. no one is too good for you to like them! just because some one is rich, smart, pretty/handsome, tall, short, older, younger, etc... doesn't mean they're too good for you! if they don't like you, they don't like you, but it is always worth a try isn't it? Cause honestly what are you really going to lose? worse than people that believe in leagues are those that say things like she/he is out of your league. I mean what a rude and terrible thing to say that isn't true. Thats a good way to hurt someones self esteem! Whenever someone says something like that to me or anyone I'm around, it makes me want to punch them. I mean if you want to be stupid and believe that kind of stuff thats your own deal, but don't force it on others.

anyways, moral of the story is there are no such things as "Leagues" so wake up!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just a Friend

basically this weekend sucked. I'm not going to go into detail on much of it, but turns out that certain girl only likes me as a very good friend. but she has been acting as if she likes me. so i have no idea whats to do! for some reason the effects of that drama haven't set in yet, but when/if they do, its probably going to be very bad.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

a sweet and sour day

so today was pretty good. it was going well at school (besides the fact I was starting to fall asleep). but pretty much the moment I left school, it went all down hill from there. I didn't want to go to work, but did anyways. For some strange reason, I was in a depressed mood. Partially due to lack of sleep, homework, and wondering if that certain girl likes me too. So I was just working away, listening to crazy depressing music and deciding that if I were ever to commit suicide which ones I would listen to. Also how I would do it. Obviously those are some pretty horrible thought to be thinking. But I finished stripping the routes and then needed to go wash holds. So as I was sorting the holds to wash I was still listening to my ipod and right after the song "Comes A Time" was a super good drums. That cheered me up a bit. Then I walked outside to start washing holds and the air was just great! It smelled of fall and for some reason that immeadiately cheered me up. Then I got home and decided to listen to the song "Terrapin Station" which always puts me in a great mood. And that is one of the reasons I love the Grateful Dead so much, listening to them can take me from feeling really horrible to amazing!