Monday, September 27, 2010

Timp Lodge

At Walden, once annually we go to Timp Lodge up at Sundance, which is owned by BYU. The Highschool went up Wednesday morning and returned around noon on Friday. Every year we have a dance one night, a talent show the other. We also do a few classes and for part of one day the elementary comes up and we do workshops with them. we also always hike to Stewart Falls. I drove Sage and I up there, the first day was mostly boring, just walked around and talked to people. but that night was the talent show and it was really good. I was super surprised at how many new students performed material. then a few of us walked down to Sundance even though it was closed. We decided to take the short cut back up (through the woods over by the ampitheater) and a few people started freaking out, but I told them I knew the way and we all made it out....I think). Then that night we all went to bed, and the guys were all being way noisy and Carl had to come yell at us mutliple times until finally we were quiet. the next day was better, the little children came up and did workshops, then we went and all hiked Stewart Falls. We returned to eat dinner then chill for a while before the dance started. the dance theme was 80's so we had a trivia game (at which Dallas kicked butt!) and people dressed up all crazy. The dance was the funnest Walden dance I've been to yet. Somehow I lost my shirt during it though and at one point I went in the kitchen and Ethan rubbed Apple crisp all over my chest! After the dance, Sonora decided it would be a good idea to play truth or dare so we went into some room where we wouldn't annoy people. the game quickly turned into Dare or Dare. it was interesting cause the rules were we couldn't move from where we were sitting. so basically all the dares were kissing. Which was kind of awkward, cause Sage kissed my friend and also I kissed two of her friends (which are also some of my new Best friends...but not cause of that). the game ended probably about 2 A.M. then we were going to play spin the lemon, but didn't (probably for the better). so then we just sat around and talked for a while and then Kaitlyn fell asleep on me so it was about 4:30 when we all went to bed. but it was good times! Friday morning we just cleaned the place up and left. It was probably my best Timp Lodge yet!


  1. hahaha opps! :) sorry!! you can shove me off next time! just be like, "KAITLYN! I WANT TO GO TO BED GOD DAMN!" hahaha

  2. if i wanted you to leave i would have done something. but holding you in my arms is much more fun than sleeping! ;)