Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Official Story

alright everybody, this is the official story of what is actually going on. So Friday, the Timp Lodge hookup lists went up. Shannen and I were on two of them together, which is a fair assumption, since we have been hanging out a bit. However, we are nothing more than good friends. She was fairly mad about the lists and somehow i got the delusional idea that she was super mad at me. so some of my facebook status's (which I'm sure you saw) were related to that delusion. The truth is, she wasn't/isn't mad at me. I don't really know the details about this, but apparently quite a few people sent her messages asking her why she was "being a bitch to me". I think that is really lame of whoever did it. I understand you are only trying to help, but I can take care of my own problems. In fairness, I shouldn't have posted such things on facebook (especially when they weren't true). The messages that Shannen got caused her to delete her facebook. Although i don't really know any solid details about them, they must have been pretty bad. I'll I'm asking is that those of you who may have sent nasty messages apologize to her and then forget about the whole thing. Because in truth it is all my fault and none of hers.

Shannen, I'm sorry for causing all these problems, pains and troubles for you. I ask for your forgiveness and hope that we can continue being great friends.

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