Sunday, March 27, 2011

Life of a Key

I've been thinking about this for a few days. The life of a key. Keys are always being used. Always having to turn things on and off. always unlocking or locking doors. they come in all shapes and sizes. there is certainly pride among keys. and Class. you see, It all depends on what you open. that determines your worth. many Keys also have a twin or maybe they're a triplet. they could even be from a whole family of keys. but Essentially there are two kinds of keys. the kind ones that fulfill their job and then there are the keys that are always going missing. They enjoy a good game of hide and seek. Like to confuse their owners. But you can't really blame them cause Keys need attention too. Being used all the time sucks. Hiding is a good way for them to get attention. They are being sought after. The number one thing on their owners mind. Once found, keys are praised. "I'm so glad I found them". It is a sad day when a key gets replaced. For then it just sits there never being used while the other keys rub it in their face(s). Oh what would we do without keys?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Innocence of Childhood

I miss the days of old
the innocence of childhood
times of happiness and rejoicing

the simplicity of life.
when your hardest decision was: 
what shirt to wear this day

I miss playing in the park
I miss jumping in the freshly fallen leaves of Autumn
I miss dancing in the warm rain of a midsummer's storm

I miss crying for no particular reason
I miss believing in the jolly bearded man
I miss the seemingly endless hours of learning to read

long gone are the days of pure excitement,
the quest for knowledge, 
and the questioning of everything.

boy how the times have changed.
what happened?
where did I go wrong?

Now I am left with naught but memories

oh what I would give to go back

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back to the Cave

It is time my friends. time to go back to the cave. the cave which few have had the misfortune or pleasure of visiting. The cave in which I do most things. The cave of creation. I'm already tired of this term. if I weren't so close, I'd maybe quite school altogether. I've made it this far though, I'll hang in there a little longer. back to the cave is a strange statement, since in truth I haven't really left it. Suppose it just means I'm going to be creating more art than in past times. so if you must go lookin' ya know where to find me.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Confessional

I don't really know how to say this but I'll do it anyways. I must admit that being in a relationship kind of freaks me out a little bit. Not used to it. been single for so long that its like "is this real?"  about 2-3 months ago, I lost the ability to have awkward situations. tis strange, but nothing is awkward to me anymore. not much was before, but now the things that used to be awkward aren't. To be honest, at the moment I don't know that I much enjoy being taken. Not that I don't like Mercedes, cause I do. Just that I need to grow accustomed to this change. I tend to think about the future a lot. so naturally I have to wonder where this relationship is going and how it will all end up.  Once someone told me I should go out with this other girl. "you guys would be really good together" I replied "maybe, but I could be good with most any girl at Walden". she agreed with me on that. I can learn to love people fairly easy since I naturally tend to see the good things about people. I must admit, I'm not sure whether I'm truly in love yet. I feel like I'm just kind of rolling with it. see where it takes me. but the more time I spend with her, the less weird it gets

Saturday, March 12, 2011

in which my blog lives up to its name

this week has been bloody strange. first off, I'm in an eco fashion class and have been working on making womens clothing from recycled materials all week. then there was that thursday business, of which the whole school apparently knows about. then yesterday was super surreal. Ice Climbing in Joe's valley when it was 70ยบ outside! I can't even tell you how weird that was, but hey I didn't get frostbite. although at one point I randomly started bleeding out of my knuckle. don't know how I did that. Today I learned that a lot of good friends of mine are in relationships now. guess I missed a lot yesterday. and they are couples I wouldn't have guessed. meaning I had no idea any of those people liked eachother. this week has been ridiculous...even by my standards!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things are Gonna get Stranger, So Let's get on With the Show

just when I thought things were getting boring, normal. Today happened. now time for a flashback.

Ext. Sundance - Day

three children roaming around the the grounds. on a school trip. two of them male, the other female.

you guys just make everything so awkward
that's our job.

yeah, we do it to everyone.  for example: me telling
Marny I'd kiss her if she knocked down all those bowling pins.

I don't think you would have actually done it.
she didn't knock down the pins or I would have.

I knocked down all the pins, you didn't give me a kiss
yeah, but you didn't have a split. you have to do something
ridiculous for a kiss.

Ext. Timp Lodge - Day

the children have all hiked up to Timp Lodge for lack of something better to do. along the way they pretend it is an epic mountain climb. the men barely survive.

was that epic enough?
I don't know what do you think man

It probably was. 

I bet you won't kiss me.
oh? well then I had better prove you wrong.

the two move in for the kill. lips touch. que romantic music. Morgan is shocked by the kiss. he can tell she has wanted to do this for some time. The kiss turns into an intense makeout session. suddenly a nude hobo walks out of the forest.



see, my life is a movie. or was it just a dream? reflecting back on it, I can't be certain. But Wait. there is photographic evidence?! Hmm. I think I may just have a girlfriend now.


oh man! I'm totally going through facebook withdrawls. don't know if I can take it anymore. its been two full days. it's getting really bad. coughing up blood. trying not to relapse.  and then there is the fact that I actually am getting things done. its terrible! I'd like to think of facebook as a boring place without my  wit. but aside from the things previously mentioned, Its going pretty good.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

week review

rather than writing like 6 posts, I'm consolidating them into one! yes folks thats right. 6 for the price of one. from the top. Intercession. what a terrible thing to do to a man! but its actually alright. Eco Fashion. yes I'm in that class. Essentially we make clothes out of recycled material. the ultimate goal is to make an item of clothing with our group for the eco fashion show at Thanksgiving Point. Its coming along quite nicely at the present time. Outdoor Adventures aka PE. good class. fun people. we just do fun stuff the whole time. recreational things. much strangeness has been involved..such as me telling a girl I'd give her a kiss if she could knock down both of the pins whilst bowling (it was a split) she didn't do it. What else what else? yesterday I wrote a song with old Dally boy. its shaping up quite nicely. we also wrote one with Tess and Jess. Twas good times. last night I was going crazy for some reason. freaking out about something. I was all twitchy, jumpy and being ridiculous. At somepoint during that time, I decided not to get on Facebook for the rest of the week. It'll be good for me. I plan to get a bit of reading done. Memorize my lines for the play. and well simply do things other than wasting my time. I'm not certain whether I'm cured yet or not. which means probably not.  I feel like I haven't seen most people for a really long time. when in truth I've seen most of them in the last three days. also things are as weird as they used to be. Weirdness is occurring less in my life. its super depressing. maybe I've just become immune to weirdness. hopefully not!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Sluffin

my parents are out of town. so I'm not going to church. I can have my own here. some Grateful Dead for the hymns. War and Peace can be the bible from which I read (they're about the same size). Monty Python will be providing the lesson today. Sacrament was Juice and cinnamon rolls...and on that note, I'm going to hell.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

knock knock knockin on my front door

this is my confession about how much I hare answering the door. and I really really don't like it. can't stand door to door sales people.  answering the door could very well get you killed. I mean you never know if its going to be a serial killer. Even if its someone I know, I still don't like answering the door.  Even if its someone I invited over and am expecting, I don't like answering the door!  Solutions: having a large fence around my house. no one can get in without me unlocking the gate. 2. live in a super rural area, where no one would ever come visit. 3. live in a house with no exterior doors. I could just crawl through a window or maybe just have them build me into the house (but then I probably wouldn't be able to leave). 4. just not live in a house at all. any of those would work. but at the same time, it contradicts my plan of answering the door in ridiculously strange costumes and scaring the visitor off.
hmmm what to do

In Which God Decides to Become a Comedian

apparently the conspiracy of trying to get me to go on a date with a certain person is still around. and its been going on this entire year! maybe i'll finally give in. but I haven't decided. still trying to figure out if I am cured or not. and then there was that whole thing after Dallas's house. that was pretty funny, but also sad. but I just think all this stuff is ridiculously hilarious. like a "how did this happen to me?" kind of thing. guess we'll see what is thrown at me next

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Photo From the Vault

Me when I was still a young pirate captain. this was taken just after my victory against the the Spaniards in cuba.   07/15/1667  It also happened to be my birthday.

Family of Freaks

my siblings are ridiculous people a lot of the time. probably runs in the family. now I'm going to tell you about their personalities.

SAGE -14
Sage is the second oldest in our family. She's the Heckler of the family. always bugging someone it seems. she and I typically get along these days. but there are times. she's a spoiled one (she says otherwise). pretty much always gets most things she wants. but man I tell ya, she is definitely the slob of our family. I've never once seen her room clean. the most annoying thing she does is steal everyones stuff. doesn't ask or anything. if an item goes missing, you immeadiately search her room.

of all my siblings, Sierra and I are the most alike. its actually scary how much she is like me. in 6th grade, all I did was read all the time. so does she. She likes to keep things clean and takes good care of everything. her and I get along really well. we can always joke around together. she is super witty. Our hand writing is even really similar. she gets angry easier than I do though.

is the vicious one of the family. fun to tease, but watch out or she may throw something at you. we get along well too. lately she and I have been having fights. fun fights, chasing each other around with knives and such. McKinley has a good sense of humor, but takes things too personally sometimes. if there is a fight, she is probably involved in it somehow. oh and she has a six pack!

ELI - 8
my first brother.  he and I are 8 years apart age wise. so we don't relate all that well. he's a fun one though. really smart, always asking questions. I see him as the jock of the family. he seems to look up to me (which is kind of scary). we get along just dandy. Don't know that I've ever really been in a fight with him. he usually saves that energy for fending off McKinley.

the strange one. we're all strange, but he's just goofy strange. he can get on your nerves a bit from time to time. he's kind of the quiet kid. has a strong love for animals. at this point he wants to be a zoo keeper. it seems like I don't know him all that well. maybe he just doesn't have a super outgoing personality.

This kid is down right crazy. always making ridiculous faces. if he gets're in for a treat! he is super hilarious. he can just sit around and do his own thing, oblivious to whatever is going on. when he isn't be insane, he's super sweet. mostly he is a super chill kid. he sure likes to steal all my brothers toys and play with them.

EMMA - 2
baby of the family. Emma is  also a crazy child like Zander. she is always full of joy and excitement. often times she says hilarious stuff. she enjoys snuggling with people. Emma is super super smart. she always knows whats going on. and her speaking abilities are great. learns new words really fast. Emma is always there being cute. its super fun to watch her and Zander interact. they get along great most the time. oftentimes it seems like she tries to annoy people, but its funny. she definitely gets babied by her mother and sisters.

as you can see, my parents have it down to a science! all of us were born on an even year. except sierra, she is actually 11 right now but her birthday is tomorrow. the rest of us will be turning odd numbers this year. or at least I think I got all their ages right...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

goodbye cruel world

in recent days, I have been thinking a lot about peoples desire and will to live. what keeps people going? why aren't there more suicides? what is there to live for? surely everyone needs something to look forward to. something to keep them going. then I thought "well what about me? what keeps me going?" then I realized that I honestly don't know. I really have nothing truly worth living for at the moment. these are dark times. times when people seperate themselves from life. but I suppose I'm still here...