Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Death Don't Have No Mercy... In The End"

Death. I have no personal fear of death. I've accepted the fact that when its my time to go, its my time to go. Whether it happens tomorrow, next week, 2 months, 3 years, I don't really care too much. I'm certainly not saying I want to die though. the only concern I have about dying is that I don't want it to be hard on my family/friends. Also I need to have a super crazy funeral! everyone wear orange instead of black, throw a crazy dance party with strobe lights. you can still give talks about me or whatever, but not or boring religious stuff (I'll make it to the right place) but rather on crazy stories about things we've done together. Also When I'm being put in the ground there had better be a live band playing! an awesome one too, maybe some hardcore punk so you can all have a funeral mosh. I also require that sometime during my funeral the following songs are played: "Come on up to the House"- Tom Waits, "Death Don't Have no Mercy"- Grateful Dead, "Comes a Time"- Grateful Dead, "Touch of Grey"- Grateful Dead, "Burnin Down the House"- Talking Heads, "Please do not go"- Violent Femmes and I'm sure I can think up tons more, but for sure those ones. and If my funeral isn't awesome like that, no one will be inheriting anything :) I mean funerals are always just so boring and gloomy! I don't want that, its way too boring and unoriginal! Also no crying aloud! (unless its from laughter)

Now that I've told you this, when the time comes, you guys had better follow my wishes. Or else I'll have to come back and haunt everyone (which means appearing at your front door wearing a skirt when you have company over)


  1. morgan, i love you:)
    can we please die together? that sounds bad ass.
    you're the coolest person i've ever met.
    true story
    i love you!
    honest to blog!

  2. you sure can die with me! We've been over that before remember?

    p.s. I love you (and that happens to be a beatles song as well)

  3. i know its a beatles song. beatles are amazing :) - - i liked the beatles before it was the trend! haha
    oh yeah, we are dying together. and we are dying young. and getting married. we better get going with this stuff!! :)

  4. i know! we have a lot to accomplish! we also need to go sky diving in dresses to see if it will slow us down

  5. hahaha oh goodness. mmkay, that can be added to the list! :) hahaha

  6. ohhh my! i wanna go skydiving! remember i'm the maid of honor?? haha(: i'll deff get an awesome band(:

  7. good! you are definitely invited Rachel!

  8. hoooray! :) morgan. this plan, has to happen!! mmkay?