Friday, October 1, 2010


I'm so sick of homework! I loathe coming home from school and having to spend the entire rest of the day doing school work! I think its really really stupid! School would be so much better if there were no such thing as homework! I personally enjoy school (at least most days) but having to do homework makes me begin to hate it! The biggest problem with homework is that it is practically your entire grade. If you don't do it then you fail and if you fail you have no chances at getting a good job. what is the real purpose of homework? to help you learn the material? thats bull shit! If you don't know how to do the work, then going home and having to attempt to do it isn't going to help you any. and If you know how to do it, then whats the point? maybe its a conspiracy to keep us out of "trouble" but if thats the case they fail yet again! cause kids that are gonna get in trouble are gonna get in trouble. having a homework assignment due isn't going to stop anyone from going and having sex or anything like that. what happens is the kid does it anyways and not the homework. Another problem with homework is that so often it is just busy work! i have a simple solution. teach the subject at school, if the kid doesn't get it, then they should be able to stay after school and work with the teacher until they do. simple huh? and no homework required. (if you can't guess i'm pretty pissed about homework).

well, bottom line is forget homework! I'm going to become a hobo :)


  1. i'll be a hobo with you!! haha(: i agree with you, homework sucks!!!!!