Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The End

I'm done with love. tired of it. no more for me. sick of it trying to govern my life. I'm sick of the mind games. I can't take them anymore, I'm literally going insane. Tearing myself apart. some of the best moments of my life where when I was in love, but now i'm through. someday I may change my mind or maybe I'll be forever alone. doesn't really matter. I'm not saying any of this to make anyone guilty or offended, or anything stupid like that. I'm just doing what I must. I love you all, no hard feelings whatsoever. Let's all continue to be good friends, or even better friends cause that's what I need right now. The Death of my blog. It's here. maybe I'll write again someday. maybe not. but I'm calling it quits for now. if you have anything you wish to say to me about these topics,  or attempts to change my mind, well you'll have to send it here:


goodbye my friends, hope to see you again.
but alas this is the end.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Oh what a day! let me give you a little run through of it. Karl, Tiana, Genevieve and I kicked off the festivities at noon with a hike by Slate Canyon. It was pouring rain. But seeing as we are daring adventurers, the rain could not stop us. We pressed on. after the hike we were all soaked. 

The original plan was to go canoeing after hiking, but seeing as it was rainy and we didn't want to be struck by lightning very badly, the plan was changed to bowling. we then ventured over to BYU for some bowling. turns out none of us are too great at bowling. I got the two worst scores I've had in long time while bowling. But here's the thing: That's the most fun I've ever had bowling! then we all went our ways to get dressed. It was pretty entertaining figuring out how to wear a Tuxedo. First time I've ever worn one. once I got it on, I headed off to borrow my uncle's Cadillac. A sleek red convertible with fins. (It's a beast to drive, but super fun). Grabbed Karl and Tiana, then headed out to pick of Genny. and man when I saw her, I guarantee my jaw dropped. wow! Beautiful is not a word that can be used to describe how good she looks (especially in that dress). in fact no word can. they're all understatements! after multiple pictures we hit the road and headed towards dinner. Mimi's Cafe was the destination. It was a super exciting experience. The best was when she leaned over to me and said "Morgan! we're on a date together!" that's one of those little moments I'll probably never forget. 

after Dinner we ran off to the dance. That was also really fun. seeing all our friends and their dates. Not to mention we got to show off our pro Waltzing skills!  I must say I really really enjoyed dancing with her. nothing like having an amazing woman at your side! When the dance was all done and over, I escorted her home and we said our goodbye's. I drove the whole way home thinking "why must days like these come to an end? can't my entire life be like today?" It was a grand first date (I consider it my first true date, cause the only other one I went on, the girl asked me)

To wrap this up, all I have to say is: I'm soooo glad I went to Prom with Genevieve. If I wouldn't have, I legitimately would have regretted it til the day I died and then some. all said and done I think I spent around $200 but it doesn't matter, cause it was worth every cent! I had such a good time that it is now tied with the very best day of my life. before yesterday I was convinced that nothing could ever ever be as good as my best day and I was pleasantly proven wrong! I feel kind of like a little child right now because I seriously haven't stopped smiling since the beginning of yesterday (occasionally I even giggle a little bit). Actually I think I have a permanent grin stuck on my face. so when you see me in three months and I'm still smiling you'll know why

Dear Genevieve, Thanks for going to prom with me!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Schools out?

today was my last day of classes for this year. It's weird. I'm essentially a senior now! never have to take math again, no more chinese, no science.  Summer is creepin up. 9 days til I jump on a plane and head to Jamaica. maybe I just won't come back. but then again it is going to be bloody hot there! and I am no fan of heat. so for English today a group my of man friends dressed up as pirates and performed a play for our final project. I got to rip a guys heart out and eat it (thats always entertaining). Walden is the only school ever where you can walk around with an actual sword and not get arrested, It's pretty sweet. then the crew jumped in our ship and went off to Pillage Pirate Island. or in otherwords apply for jobs since we were dressed as pirates. the staff there was pretty shocked. it was definitely on of the better things I've done in my life. 

after school I went and picked up my Tuxedo for the dance. then it was off to make masks at Karl's house. they were plaster masks. therefore I have Vaseline all over my sideburns and hair. It's nice and slimy. I'm now tempted to rub it all over my body and run out onto an Ice rink. after that messiness was done and over, I headed over to the Weight's house in order to pick up some top secret items. that was good times. It's always fun to discover people that follow your blog. makes me warm inside (or something cheesy like that). And now I know what I'm doing with my life. Macall and I are going to create a movie. no I will not tell you what its about! because it is a marvelous idea and I don't want you stealing it! now I just need to start writing a script, practicing my acting skills, and creating music for it. Spent about two hours there (much longer than I intended to) but it was good times. Fun people. the kind of people that you feel right at home with. What a lovely way to spend an evening. now there is the excitement of tomorrow......PROM!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mind Purge With a Side of Salt

Summer. I hate the heat. People, I need to meet some new ones. Spend more time getting to know a few of my not so close friends better. Love. Love can be a terrible thing. I'm awful at telling whether girls actually like me or not. Which is not fun at all. sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get married because of that reason (amongst a few other minor ones). My legs are hairy. Toe nails. I want to get some of them surgically removed. more trouble than they're worth. My room. It needs to be cleaned up a bit. Acting. Supposedly I'm good at it. I'm already wanted for the next school play (whatever it may be). seems like  a lot of pressure. I'll do it though. College, Not excited for it. 21 days: It's been a long time, Never looking back. Life. It's been less interesting these days. Time. I have no care for it, aside from arriving places on time, who cares what day, month, year it is. doesn't matter.  doesn't matter.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The End. and Life Afterwards

two months. two months of working on the play. Now it's over. Friday night we did our first performance. it went pretty well. I certainly enjoyed it. stage fright is not something I suffer from. Wasn't nervous at all. hanging out with Genny, Rachael, Dallas, and Karl the whole day before the show was nice. we make a pretty good crew. after the show, tons of people came and told me they were surprised I could act and that their mom's thought I was cute. soon after that I headed home. then went over to the Quarry to help prepare for the climbing competition the next day. got home at like 1:30. went to bed. woke up at 6 a.m. tried to go back to sleep. finally got out of bed at 8. I sat up and said to myself "oh great! what am I supposed to do for three hours before the play". I had no idea what to do, so I swept and mopped the house as well as vacuumed my bedroom. then I started freaking out a little. "what am I going to do when the play is over? I've spent so much time on it that I'll have nothing to do anymore". Finally went over to the theater. we had another performance that went pretty well, but wasn't as energetic as I hoped. afterwards the previously mentioned crew found ourselves having a picnic at a park. then Genny and I went gallavanting off to pick up kort and Evan (cause they had ice cream). unfortunately there were 10,000 detours and we got lost. somehow that always seems to happen to me when driving around with Genny. but it's fun, makes the journey more exciting. after chilling at the park a little longer, we headed back to the theater to get ready for the final show. Karl and I essentially wrote a reggae song on the piano there, that was quite entertaining. then it was time to break a leg. there was quite an audience for that show. The performance went amazingly! everyone was perfect! it was super super exciting. after that show everyone was in high spirits. Dally boy, Rachael and I got ourselves some slurpies, british accents and went to a park. we chilled there for a little then went to his house and watched the first half of the movie The assassination of jesse James. and let me tell ya, that was tripppy!!  then it was off to bed. but first I learned how terrible Karma can be.  this mornign I woke up at 6. went back to bed, woke up at 8:52 remembered my friend Taylor was speaking in church today about her mother. jumped out of bed and thanks to the play I am now super pro at changing in and out of button up shirts really quickly. so I got dressed and made it to church at 9. it made me laugh at how fast I changed (that kind of stuff entertains me). when I took the sacrament I really had to try and not laugh though, cause It reminded me of drinking shots in the play.

anyways, It was an amazing weekend. I will most likely participate in the next play cause I had a great time doing this one. I've nearly perfected my Ringo Starr British accent.  at some point a trampoline showed up in my backyard and I still don't know what I'm going to do. I have enough homework to hold me off for a few days, but after that who knows what I'm gonna do!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Summer Plans

I don't know if anyone reads this blog anymore. I should hope so, otherwise I'm more or less talking to myself. but regardless I am going to write about my summer goals and plans.

First things First: when I get home from Jamaica, I'm going to take a day or so to completely destroy my room, with the hope of putting it back together much more clean than before.

I plan to find a canoe to purchase so I can throw wild boat parties on the lake all summer long

Another goal is to Write and record the music for an album with Dallas and other company.

begin piano lessons. finally need to learn how to play the two Organs that are sitting around in my room.

One thing I have planned to do is make this summer to most social one yet (which sadly won't be very hard to do).

painting. It must be done!

I'm sure that many random ventures will happen with the family as well

hopefully I'll figure out what I want to do with my life and get doing it.

Finish War and Peace!

listen to the 5 straight days of Grateful Dead that I own

find more crazy clothes to collect

that's about it. or at least all the things I can think of for now. but let's not forget Growing the Sideburns! I've decided to go all summer without cutting them. oh man will they be epic by the time school rolls around!