Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mind Purge With a Side of Salt

Summer. I hate the heat. People, I need to meet some new ones. Spend more time getting to know a few of my not so close friends better. Love. Love can be a terrible thing. I'm awful at telling whether girls actually like me or not. Which is not fun at all. sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get married because of that reason (amongst a few other minor ones). My legs are hairy. Toe nails. I want to get some of them surgically removed. more trouble than they're worth. My room. It needs to be cleaned up a bit. Acting. Supposedly I'm good at it. I'm already wanted for the next school play (whatever it may be). seems like  a lot of pressure. I'll do it though. College, Not excited for it. 21 days: It's been a long time, Never looking back. Life. It's been less interesting these days. Time. I have no care for it, aside from arriving places on time, who cares what day, month, year it is. doesn't matter.  doesn't matter.

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