Sunday, May 15, 2011


Oh what a day! let me give you a little run through of it. Karl, Tiana, Genevieve and I kicked off the festivities at noon with a hike by Slate Canyon. It was pouring rain. But seeing as we are daring adventurers, the rain could not stop us. We pressed on. after the hike we were all soaked. 

The original plan was to go canoeing after hiking, but seeing as it was rainy and we didn't want to be struck by lightning very badly, the plan was changed to bowling. we then ventured over to BYU for some bowling. turns out none of us are too great at bowling. I got the two worst scores I've had in long time while bowling. But here's the thing: That's the most fun I've ever had bowling! then we all went our ways to get dressed. It was pretty entertaining figuring out how to wear a Tuxedo. First time I've ever worn one. once I got it on, I headed off to borrow my uncle's Cadillac. A sleek red convertible with fins. (It's a beast to drive, but super fun). Grabbed Karl and Tiana, then headed out to pick of Genny. and man when I saw her, I guarantee my jaw dropped. wow! Beautiful is not a word that can be used to describe how good she looks (especially in that dress). in fact no word can. they're all understatements! after multiple pictures we hit the road and headed towards dinner. Mimi's Cafe was the destination. It was a super exciting experience. The best was when she leaned over to me and said "Morgan! we're on a date together!" that's one of those little moments I'll probably never forget. 

after Dinner we ran off to the dance. That was also really fun. seeing all our friends and their dates. Not to mention we got to show off our pro Waltzing skills!  I must say I really really enjoyed dancing with her. nothing like having an amazing woman at your side! When the dance was all done and over, I escorted her home and we said our goodbye's. I drove the whole way home thinking "why must days like these come to an end? can't my entire life be like today?" It was a grand first date (I consider it my first true date, cause the only other one I went on, the girl asked me)

To wrap this up, all I have to say is: I'm soooo glad I went to Prom with Genevieve. If I wouldn't have, I legitimately would have regretted it til the day I died and then some. all said and done I think I spent around $200 but it doesn't matter, cause it was worth every cent! I had such a good time that it is now tied with the very best day of my life. before yesterday I was convinced that nothing could ever ever be as good as my best day and I was pleasantly proven wrong! I feel kind of like a little child right now because I seriously haven't stopped smiling since the beginning of yesterday (occasionally I even giggle a little bit). Actually I think I have a permanent grin stuck on my face. so when you see me in three months and I'm still smiling you'll know why

Dear Genevieve, Thanks for going to prom with me!


  1. Ah, Morgan! Too cute. Thanks for going with me, too.

  2. Man, that just sounds like the best day for sure! It's pretty rad you guys went to prom.