Sunday, May 8, 2011

The End. and Life Afterwards

two months. two months of working on the play. Now it's over. Friday night we did our first performance. it went pretty well. I certainly enjoyed it. stage fright is not something I suffer from. Wasn't nervous at all. hanging out with Genny, Rachael, Dallas, and Karl the whole day before the show was nice. we make a pretty good crew. after the show, tons of people came and told me they were surprised I could act and that their mom's thought I was cute. soon after that I headed home. then went over to the Quarry to help prepare for the climbing competition the next day. got home at like 1:30. went to bed. woke up at 6 a.m. tried to go back to sleep. finally got out of bed at 8. I sat up and said to myself "oh great! what am I supposed to do for three hours before the play". I had no idea what to do, so I swept and mopped the house as well as vacuumed my bedroom. then I started freaking out a little. "what am I going to do when the play is over? I've spent so much time on it that I'll have nothing to do anymore". Finally went over to the theater. we had another performance that went pretty well, but wasn't as energetic as I hoped. afterwards the previously mentioned crew found ourselves having a picnic at a park. then Genny and I went gallavanting off to pick up kort and Evan (cause they had ice cream). unfortunately there were 10,000 detours and we got lost. somehow that always seems to happen to me when driving around with Genny. but it's fun, makes the journey more exciting. after chilling at the park a little longer, we headed back to the theater to get ready for the final show. Karl and I essentially wrote a reggae song on the piano there, that was quite entertaining. then it was time to break a leg. there was quite an audience for that show. The performance went amazingly! everyone was perfect! it was super super exciting. after that show everyone was in high spirits. Dally boy, Rachael and I got ourselves some slurpies, british accents and went to a park. we chilled there for a little then went to his house and watched the first half of the movie The assassination of jesse James. and let me tell ya, that was tripppy!!  then it was off to bed. but first I learned how terrible Karma can be.  this mornign I woke up at 6. went back to bed, woke up at 8:52 remembered my friend Taylor was speaking in church today about her mother. jumped out of bed and thanks to the play I am now super pro at changing in and out of button up shirts really quickly. so I got dressed and made it to church at 9. it made me laugh at how fast I changed (that kind of stuff entertains me). when I took the sacrament I really had to try and not laugh though, cause It reminded me of drinking shots in the play.

anyways, It was an amazing weekend. I will most likely participate in the next play cause I had a great time doing this one. I've nearly perfected my Ringo Starr British accent.  at some point a trampoline showed up in my backyard and I still don't know what I'm going to do. I have enough homework to hold me off for a few days, but after that who knows what I'm gonna do!

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