Monday, January 7, 2013

The College Odyssey Round Two

If you are reading this in hopes of stalking me at school, I'm afraid you will be mostly disappointed.

  Today began with Biology 1010 first off. Right when I parked, Dallas happened to pull up and park next to me. What are the chances right? we chatted for a while, then I headed off to class. The auditorium my class is hosted in contains 150 people (nowhere near the BYU general classes I've heard rumor of, but one of the larger classes UVU offers). Taught by Jim Harris, a really cool guy whom I had the pleasure of going on a week river canoeing trip with last semester. Afterwards I have an hour break, so I met up with Riley, and helped her find her classes/look for mine too. Then it was up to the top corner of the GT building, on the outskirts of UVU's main campus. I walked down the hallway, and found the room number to be marked with a sticky note, rather than a plaque...I would have the one classroom on all of campus without a plaque. Fundamentals of Acting is the class contained in that room, which I'm sure will end up being my hands down favorite class. The teacher is highly recommended, and considered to be one of the best in the theater department, plus our class seems like a really fun group and consists of only 15 students. Not to mention that quite a few of them are really attractive ladies! Oh and my only homework for that class will pretty much be attending 3 plays. After that I had to make a run for my English 2010 class located in the basement of the LA building essentially on the complete other side of campus. Oh yeah and I only get 10 minutes to do it in. My English teacher is also my neighbor. Her name is Angie, so of course I had this song stung in my head all class! Looks like it's going to be a tough class, but I should learn a lot of good stuff. And there is a midget in my class, she seems pretty nice. But everyone in that class seems to be quite a few years older than me so it's kind of weird. Then I get to run up to the Institute building for Mission Prep. And of course I happen to randomly be taking it from the world's tallest institute teacher (true fact), Brother Jim Toone happens to be 7ft. tall and sounds slightly like Andre the Giant! It should be a good class, but at the same time, all the cute ladies there are planning to go on missions, so it's kind of weird cause there isn't much point to flirting, also everyone is more or less my age. After that, I have the pleasure of running back to the LA building to attend Ethics and Values from Uncle Larry Harper, a long time family friend, and my previous english professor. Much to my surprise Jamie Roan was sitting there, so I sat by her. Seems like it's going to be a pretty good class as well. So basically if I can survive Biology and English everything should be good. But fortunately I have tuesdays and thursdays free to ski and homework-a-cize. After class I headed to the bookstore, got my books (none of my classes have textbooks except English...which has 4). From there I strolled back across campus towards my car. On my way there, I found a guy lying in the hallway in a sleeping bag just taking a nice little nap. I couldn't help but smile and think to myself: "This is why I go to UVU, cause awesome/strange/quirky things like this happen all the time, and no one minds".