Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Hopeless Un-romantic

I once used to consider myself a "hopeless romantic". Always wondering when my princess charming would come or something like that.  But it seems that I have become an un-romantic. For that past few months, I've had no interest in women. Not to say that I don't still find them attractive, I just don't have any drive to flirt, have relationships, or pursue anything romantic. I'm not saying I'm a homosexual either (I'm all for homosexuality, it just doesn't work for me, though sometimes I wish), cause trust me, if I were, everyone in the world would know it. No proverbial closet would be big enough to trap my homosexuality in! Anyways, I'm not really sure why this change has occurred. But I don't think I even know how to flirt anymore. It's really all quite strange. One thing may be that I don't really know any women anymore. At least not that I really hang out with or anything. And like I said, I do find women still attractive, but not quite on a level that I used to. Now it's like "oh she's cute" and I just go back to whatever I'm doing. Whereas before it used to be like "oh she's cute, I ought to go talk to her, I'm interested in meeting her, and finding out who she is as a person". I'm not really sure why I'm talking about this, just been on my mind lately, kind of freaking me out a little, yet I have no motivation or inspiration to make any changes. Guess I'm stuck in an un-romantic funk.