Monday, February 28, 2011

Cancer, or Canceur

I wouldn't mind having cancer, or some other potentially deadly non contagious disease. I'd just tell everyone to come visit me in the hospital. we could all party. I wouldn't want to die of it though. that's way too boring and unoriginal for my tastes. I'm a major optimist. must have been born that way, cause no matter how bad a situation is, I always always find something good about it. Actually gets really annoying sometimes. plus I'd go around making cancer jokes all the time cause I'd be allowed to. If I lost all my hair, I would just wear super ridiculous wigs all the time. just for the heck of it. also why not set people up? ya know, try and get them to like accidentally knock off my wig so they'd get super embarrassed and feel all bad. Then I'd play it up a little then be like naawwww I was just messing with you! but yeah, I wouldn't mind being in a hospital for a while like about a month if I could listen to music.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Perfect Instrument

I have this theory that everyone is fairly good at playing an instrument. they just have to find the one that fits with them. I don't believe I've found mine yet. I mean I can certainly play bass. anything you tell me to do on it, I more or less can. but it isn't really completely clicking, in the sense that I'm not very good at coming up with my own bass lines. I've made a few cool ones, but like I said it doesn't feel like its clicking. I don't really know how I am with the Organ. I probably need to take lessons to really find out. sure hope I do click with it....otherwise a lot of space has been taken up in my room for no reason.  The singer of Jethro Tull started out as a guitarist and decided he could never be as good as Eric Clapton, so why bother? Then he picked up a flute and found he was pretty good at it. 2 months later, they recorded their first album. I tell ya, his flute playing is amazing, and gave Jethro Tull that unique touch, thus in the long run, making them all filthy rich. I want to still keep up on playing the instruments i have, but I also need to find that perfect Instrument.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


For the last three months I've really liked this girl. a lot. I don't know that I've ever liked the same person for more than a month tops. so it was pretty intense. If you are hoping to get a name, too bad. at least I'm not going to tell you on this blog. it was all very strange, I just suddenly stopped liking her over this long weekend. why? dunno. Its kind of depressing really. but here's the problem, if she does anything super cute over the next little while, It could start all over again. I'm a sucker for girls doing cute things. makes me crazy. for me, personality is a big thing. Looks just help seal the deal. 

Now the door is open. I wonder who will walk through it next.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Life's Purpose Revisited

Recently I recalled my Life's Purpose. for those of you that don't know what it is, well here's  a little link  cause I'm far too lazy to re-write all that. It's been going alright. I could do a lot better though. One thing I have discovered though is that Dress wearing ties in nicely to my purpose.  Over the last month or so, I've used many pictures of me in  a dress to cheer people up. its worked every time thus far. Yesterday I made a card to give to a girl with a broken heart, haven't had time to give it to her yet but I bet it will do the trick.  It is much easier for me to cheer up females than guys though. Don't know why that is, maybe cause they like cutesy things, or maybe I relate to them better. Or maybe there are just more of them that are openly sad, most guys don't say so if they're sad. oh Well. I'll keep working on it.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hold the Cheese Sauce

I must say, I'm not a fan of cheesy-ness. drives me crazy! especially when it comes to religion. I hate awful and cheesy metaphors, just give me the story! I really don't like shaking peoples hands either. thats just too terribly cheesy. It's alright if I'm shaking the hand of someone I've never met before. but when someone has to come up and give you a handshake every time they see you, its just cheese city. even worse is if the person doing the hand shaking is related to you. its like just give me a hug already  and quit tryin to hold my hand.  its always awkward cause they either give you a really firm handshake, or a dead corpse handshake. hand shaking is an art. have to get it just right.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Morgan + famous = square root of 43

I have no idea what the square root of 43 is, but I do know that it actually has nothing to do with this blog post. so we are now going to abandon it. I've never cared much about being famous. but I do think it would be quite entertaining. If I were famous, I'd be one of those cool famous people. Autograph? why not come over for tea? I'd just invite random fans to my house all the time. If I had to go to any sort of award ceremony, naturally I would find something completely ridiculous to wear. show people that they should have some fun and not be so serious all the time! When the paparazzi came round, I wouldn't try and hide, but rather simply waltz out my door and make some silly faces for them to put on magazine covers. I'd sure get a kick out of wearing disguises in public and seeing if anyone recognized me. and why not use fame to do good in the world? use it to sway people into helping those less fortunate. Now lets not forget, I'd also have to fake my death at some point. disappear to some small country for a while then just show up at a fancy party, award ceremony or something.

"I know the Life I'm Livin's no good"

A week or so ago I woke up with the line "I know the Life I'm Livin's no good" from the Grateful Dead song Wharf Rat. at that moment I realized how sick and perverted so many people that I know are. I'm tired of it. I decided from that moment on that I'm going to try and never say anything intentionally nasty. I typically don't say perverted things, but there have been times. That goes for racist jokes too. although I don't think I've honestly ever told one. and I'm not going to. One of the things I am most highly opposed to is calling any female a B**ch. Whether she deserves it or not, that is one of the things I will never ever ever do. it makes me sick how many people do. the things that piss me off more than anything are Abuse, Rape, and Racism. when I say racism, I mean actual racism, not just a bunch of losers sitting around making stupid jokes. if I were a dictator of a country, the punishment for rape would be chopping off your....well you get the picture. those are my standards. and thats my rant for the day

Friday, February 18, 2011

Summer Fun

I'm in the blog writing mood right now, so I figured I may as well tell about my hopeful plan for this summer. Its going to be epic! alright here's what I want to do. I want to (along with at least one other person, (Dallas says he wants to)) canoe across Utah lake. end to end. That's about 24 miles. I want to train for a few weeks, just messin' around and then have someone drop us off at the end of the lake and pick us up at the other end. The goal is to do it in a day of course. that's saying that we don't get consumed by giant carp first! this last summer I discovered how fun canoeing is plus it would give me something to do. Now I just need to find a good canoe for not too much. I want to go enough that it'd just be better just to own one than rent it. if I do get one and any of you want to join me while training or even on the main voyage, let me know. I'd probably film the trip and make a short little documentary about it. And lets not forget how sexy, tan and strong I'd be come school time.

Bout that time

I need a vacation. a good long one at that. I need to leave the U.S. do some traveling, get away from life, see some things, meet new people. I'm looking forward to Jamaica, but I feel like I need to go somewhere else as well. Need something to do for part of this summer. Need to clear my head.  To reference Johnny Cash, I've fallen into a burnin ring of fire. problem is I've been stuck here for at least three months. Love is a terrible thing, yet its great too. However things are getting a lot better, I'm slowly climbing out of the bottomless burning pit. The better times of my life are when I'm not in love, cause then I just do whatever and don't have to worry about it. I think it'd be fun to try and go teach english to children in a foreign country for like a month. who knows, maybe I'll do it.

also I just found this. I need to live there! It fits all my requirements! a lake up in the mountains on a small town with snow capped peaks! question is where is it?!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


There was a time. a time when I had a crazy idea and decided "hell, why not tryout for the Walden play?" I must say that I haven't done much acting in my days. Have read me many a play though. in 6th grade I read the entirety of Monsieur Shakespeare's plays. I decided I wanted to read all 36 (don't remember if thats the actual number) plays in under a year. Obviously I wasn't going to cheat, so I read the unabridged versions aka they are the exact way he wrote them. Old English and all. I understood every play, and completed my goal, made $100 from it too! I've also always enjoyed watching plays as well.  so anyways, I went to tryouts and I have now found myself landed with the role of Dick Liddil in the play: The Assassination of Jesse James. Funny thing is I know basically nothing about the story at this point. The play is sometime towards the end of May. anyways, I never expected to find myself an actor of the theater. Guess we'll see how it goes!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How to be Classy

Back home in Germany, I'm known as Dr. Class. so I figured I may as well  try and mentor a few people to take over the business when I'm gone. I will now share with you the main principles of being classy. 
you must dress fancily. not over the top fancy such as a tux, but nice. your outfit should have a touch of oddness, cause that shows true class! you must be a gentleman/woman. always hold the door. Use manners. don't be afraid to show emotion, crying is perfectly alright. Become the friend that cheers up those that are down. In order to be a true master of class, you must first master the art of being chill. you can't be classy if you are always mad! its like eggs and mustard, they don't go together. Don't be afraid to let your personality shine, that draws to your classiness and makes it your own. bow ties or leaving the top button undone is the only way to go whilst wearing dress shirts. no exceptions. Don't take everything so seriously, thats businessman, not class. keep foul language to a minimum dirty is not classy. Do not involve yourself in arguments that are pointless. Arguing for the sake of arguing is stupid. But most important of all: Treat Women with respect. That is the key to opening the giant vault of classiness. if you so happen to be a women, then be sure to respect men. If you respect someone who is being classy, then you automatically gain some class. such as if someone holds the door for you be sure to say thank you to said person.  Now my students, go out into the world with this knowledge you have just gained. show them your class. Also I do offer private lessons on how to be classy (by appointment only).

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lemme tell ya a secret

I can't stand drama. not a fan of it at all. I cause very little drama. there have been times but not many. another thing, I legitimately can't stay angry at anyone, no matter what they did. I've tried to stay angry at people...doesn't happen. longest I've gone thus far is roughly 6 hours. thing is I honestly can't remember what i was mad about. I can't think back on anything I've been angry about either. I guess by default I Forgive and Forget. therefore I get along with pretty much everyone. certainly there are some that I like less than others but I'll deal with it. Interesting fact: Listening to angry music (mainly hardcore punk) calms me down really fast and makes me non angry.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hopeless Romantic

I've been feeling a bit strange lately. so today I went to a doctor of the brain. what he told me wasn't so good. Turns out there is such thing as hopeless romantic syndrome....and guess who has it. yeah me. basically i took all these psychological tests with the basic results of: I fall in love too easily, often get mildly obsessed with whoever it is I like. am always in love, but don't know how to deal with it. have no luck when it comes to starting relationships. worry a lot about who I will marry and so on. yep looks like I'm doomed. another strange/awkward to tell people thing is the doctor said i'm not very lustful or aggressive. which probably isn't a bad thing, I don't know. he said it would be good for me to have a girlfriend, so that I don't just stay locked up in my room becoming crazy. But how thats going to happen, I don't know. there is one good part about all this though, I just made that all up. although some of those things are more true about me than I wish.

Friday, February 11, 2011

It All Started With a Cupcake

Let me tell you a little bit about my day. Today, Genevieve came over to my house. We had come up with an idea a few weeks ago in math class of being awesome. So today we set out to accomplish our goal. It began with baking cupcakes. cupcakes created from scratch. no cheating. Then we set out to make a glaze for them. I thought we were out of powdered sugar, so a side trip to Allens was taken. However when we returned the glaze had already been made, my mom showed up and told us where the powdered sugar was! worst part is that I had even looked at it and for some reason thought it was baking powder. Finally the cupcakes were complete! So we grabbed a few necessities and headed to the park. Some great photos were produced from our short ventures at the park. then the two of us headed off to the Walden bake sale. That wasn't anything super special or exciting, but whatever. However at the Bake sale, Karl's (little karl) dad gave me a cheesecake! he was like here, our family doesn't like cheesecake. so I got a cheesecake, took it to the Quarry to pick up sage. Riley and Shannen were there, so I shared with them and all the employees.  whats so fun about baking cupcakes you ask? well let me tell you! Genevieve happens to be one of the most entertaining people I have ever had the fortune of meeting! She is just always so happy, excited and full of energy.  She just came right in and seemed to be super comfortable with my family, made herself at home. It was great! I hope that this will become a more frequent thing (us hanging out that is).

anyways, this song came to mind

also here are the results from the photoshoot

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Adventure in which Morgan goes to a Fabric store

I Convinced my Mother to take me to the fabric store today. Specifically the Joann fabric store in Orem.  at this moment you are probably thinking "why on earth would Morgan want to go to a fabric store!?"
Lets just say its for an art project. You'll see the end result(s) hopefully soonish. Anyways, I went to the fabric store, walked in the doors and was like whoa! this place is amazing! I've been to fabric stores many a time in my days. but Its been a long while. basically I had (in the words of Ethan) a colorgasm! so many fabrics! so many colors! I almost couldn't handle it! my mother and I proceeded to wander around the store searching for the perfect fabric. At last we had found it! then she showed me the scrap bin thing. it was love at first sight. I'm planning to produce two different projects, quite excited for them too! Oh and lets not forget that I was getting major man points. all the girls were checkin me out. They were like "what! a man! in a fabric store! This has never happened before! how sexy!" (or at at least thats what I imagined them to be saying as they were watching me choosing fabrics).  Ultimately I left with $25 worth of fabric which is quite a lot!
Moral of the story is I  have realized my new found love of fabric stores. I could spend hours there!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


things like this make me happy. just thought I'd share

Photo From the Vault

There's me being an Ice Climber in Provo Canyon. this photo was taken 12/18/2009.
the very same day My dad split his lip open. for those of you who don't know that story, 
click this lovely little link.

but I warn you, its not for the faint of heart

Art Blog?

I'm not entirely sure, but I think I just created an Art blog. here it is

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Hermit. or a journey deep within Morgans inner self

Truth of the matter is: I'm basically a hermit. I like just being alone, sitting at my house and doing random things. I've never been super into hanging out with people. When I was younger I used to sit home and read all day, rather than chillin with friends. I don't know why I'm this way, I just always have been. I can legitimately see myself being that old guy that lives in the creepy old house down the road. The old guy that all the kids think is a witch and are scared of coming anywhere near. Yep, that may end up being me. But here's where it gets whacky. I like people. there are very few people I honestly don't like.  Also, I get along with everyone really well and make friends super super easy. I sure don't get it. I'm super social, yet completely antisocial!  I don't like hanging out with big groups of people, 3-4 other people at onetime is about the max. There are exceptions of course, like parties and such. I also generally don't enjoy hanging out with people that act immature, or are super dramatic.  I like to rotate around who I hang out with to a degree. I have really good friends and other friends I'm not as close with, but I don't like to always hang out with the same people. Bad Planning is something I'm not into. I like to know these things in advanced, I'm not a spur of the moment kind of guy when it comes to hanging out, but I do everything else that way. It doesn't help my case that I usually have a pretty busy schedule. maybe you should try and cure me. just come up, shake my hand sometime and say hey! hey you! lets do this or that on this day. It may work.  Also I hate the Mall (just thought I'd throw that out there).

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Music Collecting

I suppose music collecting could be considered a hobby of mine. I'm making a list of some music I have yet to collect. so If you feel so inclined to give me a birthday present here are some ideas.

I need to Collect the 20 out of 24 Jethro Tull albums that I don't have. Also all the Dicks Picks.
more Dire Straits, more Guess Who. the few Dead Kennedy's and Circle Jerks albums I'm lacking. and of course you can never have enough good Reggae or Ska.

those are the main ones I can think of at the moment. but let me tell ya, thats a lot of music!