Monday, February 7, 2011

The Adventure in which Morgan goes to a Fabric store

I Convinced my Mother to take me to the fabric store today. Specifically the Joann fabric store in Orem.  at this moment you are probably thinking "why on earth would Morgan want to go to a fabric store!?"
Lets just say its for an art project. You'll see the end result(s) hopefully soonish. Anyways, I went to the fabric store, walked in the doors and was like whoa! this place is amazing! I've been to fabric stores many a time in my days. but Its been a long while. basically I had (in the words of Ethan) a colorgasm! so many fabrics! so many colors! I almost couldn't handle it! my mother and I proceeded to wander around the store searching for the perfect fabric. At last we had found it! then she showed me the scrap bin thing. it was love at first sight. I'm planning to produce two different projects, quite excited for them too! Oh and lets not forget that I was getting major man points. all the girls were checkin me out. They were like "what! a man! in a fabric store! This has never happened before! how sexy!" (or at at least thats what I imagined them to be saying as they were watching me choosing fabrics).  Ultimately I left with $25 worth of fabric which is quite a lot!
Moral of the story is I  have realized my new found love of fabric stores. I could spend hours there!

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