Friday, February 18, 2011

Bout that time

I need a vacation. a good long one at that. I need to leave the U.S. do some traveling, get away from life, see some things, meet new people. I'm looking forward to Jamaica, but I feel like I need to go somewhere else as well. Need something to do for part of this summer. Need to clear my head.  To reference Johnny Cash, I've fallen into a burnin ring of fire. problem is I've been stuck here for at least three months. Love is a terrible thing, yet its great too. However things are getting a lot better, I'm slowly climbing out of the bottomless burning pit. The better times of my life are when I'm not in love, cause then I just do whatever and don't have to worry about it. I think it'd be fun to try and go teach english to children in a foreign country for like a month. who knows, maybe I'll do it.

also I just found this. I need to live there! It fits all my requirements! a lake up in the mountains on a small town with snow capped peaks! question is where is it?!

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