Monday, February 28, 2011

Cancer, or Canceur

I wouldn't mind having cancer, or some other potentially deadly non contagious disease. I'd just tell everyone to come visit me in the hospital. we could all party. I wouldn't want to die of it though. that's way too boring and unoriginal for my tastes. I'm a major optimist. must have been born that way, cause no matter how bad a situation is, I always always find something good about it. Actually gets really annoying sometimes. plus I'd go around making cancer jokes all the time cause I'd be allowed to. If I lost all my hair, I would just wear super ridiculous wigs all the time. just for the heck of it. also why not set people up? ya know, try and get them to like accidentally knock off my wig so they'd get super embarrassed and feel all bad. Then I'd play it up a little then be like naawwww I was just messing with you! but yeah, I wouldn't mind being in a hospital for a while like about a month if I could listen to music.

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