Saturday, February 26, 2011

Perfect Instrument

I have this theory that everyone is fairly good at playing an instrument. they just have to find the one that fits with them. I don't believe I've found mine yet. I mean I can certainly play bass. anything you tell me to do on it, I more or less can. but it isn't really completely clicking, in the sense that I'm not very good at coming up with my own bass lines. I've made a few cool ones, but like I said it doesn't feel like its clicking. I don't really know how I am with the Organ. I probably need to take lessons to really find out. sure hope I do click with it....otherwise a lot of space has been taken up in my room for no reason.  The singer of Jethro Tull started out as a guitarist and decided he could never be as good as Eric Clapton, so why bother? Then he picked up a flute and found he was pretty good at it. 2 months later, they recorded their first album. I tell ya, his flute playing is amazing, and gave Jethro Tull that unique touch, thus in the long run, making them all filthy rich. I want to still keep up on playing the instruments i have, but I also need to find that perfect Instrument.

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