Friday, February 11, 2011

It All Started With a Cupcake

Let me tell you a little bit about my day. Today, Genevieve came over to my house. We had come up with an idea a few weeks ago in math class of being awesome. So today we set out to accomplish our goal. It began with baking cupcakes. cupcakes created from scratch. no cheating. Then we set out to make a glaze for them. I thought we were out of powdered sugar, so a side trip to Allens was taken. However when we returned the glaze had already been made, my mom showed up and told us where the powdered sugar was! worst part is that I had even looked at it and for some reason thought it was baking powder. Finally the cupcakes were complete! So we grabbed a few necessities and headed to the park. Some great photos were produced from our short ventures at the park. then the two of us headed off to the Walden bake sale. That wasn't anything super special or exciting, but whatever. However at the Bake sale, Karl's (little karl) dad gave me a cheesecake! he was like here, our family doesn't like cheesecake. so I got a cheesecake, took it to the Quarry to pick up sage. Riley and Shannen were there, so I shared with them and all the employees.  whats so fun about baking cupcakes you ask? well let me tell you! Genevieve happens to be one of the most entertaining people I have ever had the fortune of meeting! She is just always so happy, excited and full of energy.  She just came right in and seemed to be super comfortable with my family, made herself at home. It was great! I hope that this will become a more frequent thing (us hanging out that is).

anyways, this song came to mind

also here are the results from the photoshoot

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