Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Moving to Snobbery

If you've not yet heard, my family and I are moving to a new house in Indian Hills. Which means I'm now going to turn into a snob, wear fancy clothes, drink tea, and of course walk around with my nose turned up at everyone. Indian Hills was once where all the snobs and rich people in provo lived, before Sherwood hills was built. Then all the snobs moved there, after which the River bottoms were developed and all the ritzy people moved there. Anyways, Indian Hills is still pretty well known for being a place where all the snobby BYU professors live. Though they're not as snobby as the BYU professors that live in the tree streets.

As for me becoming a snob, I highly doubt I actually will. I'm picturing my family being thought of by all the snobs as like the dirty hippies moving in, that don't much care for the already established social rules. But in a few more weeks I suppose I'll find out. I'm curious what our new neighbors are going to think about our VW buses. I have met a few of our neighbors already, cause their kids actually climb at the Quarry, so I already know they aren't snobs. But it will be interesting to meet the whole ward.

I'm pretty excited about moving, just a nice change of scenery and people. I've lived in our current house and ward my whole life. So moving is a little saddening, but quite adventurous too. The strangest part is going to be visiting my Grandma and Grandpa Knapp (who live 3 houses away right now), but not getting to go in our then former house. Also moving to Indian Hills will mean I have to drive less far to get to work and school! The question is if I'll ever be able to find my bloody house up there. Utah is traditionally built on a simple grid system, but when they got to building the roads up there, everything went haywire! Plus it doesn't help that all the streets have indian names rather than numbers. not to mention a lot of the streets have similar names: Mohican ln.,  Mohican dr., Mohican cir., etc. Though my house is in the west part of Indian Hills, so it shan't be too hard to find depending on which way you drive to it.

Also, I think there is a Skinwalker that lives in our neighborhood, but that's another story for another time.