Sunday, October 31, 2010

Facebook Party (with myself)

guess i'll have a party by myself now
well i'm just sitting here having a party by myself
listening to the Beatles
blowing up 30+ balloons and writing different chinese characters on them just for the heck of it
and getting cancer from my ceiling light
while wearing an ugly turtle neck sweater
but wait! who is that strange man peering through my window?
ahh! now he's licking the glass
I'm scared!
he's beckoning at me to come outside
NO! I won't do it! I won't go outside
the man is bald and frightening! with a giant scar on his head.
I've never known fear like this
Horror Stricken!
wait a minute! thats not a window! its a mirror!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

stop motion

I've decided i need to start doing more stop motions! cause they are super fun and can be quite puzzling at times, trying to figure out how to get certain shots and movements. The main thing is you have to be really patient (which i am). Plus I have the essential equipment, a nice camera, tripod, and the ability to come up with what i think are some pretty good ideas. what i really need though is a good microphone to record sound effects with. anyways, if any of you would like to make a stopmotion with me sometime, let me know and lets do it!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Photo From The Vault

I haven't done one of these in ages. this is from 3/29/05 I was in 5th grade. (10 yrs. old at the time) the entire 5th grade every year would did a "wax museum". we were required to chose a famous person from history, find out facts about them, make a poster and then dress like them. I chose John F. Kennedy.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Things I Need

i really want one of those big life size Skeletons they use for science classes. if i had one, I would do tons of awesome stuff. like pushing it around town in a wheelbarrow just to see how people reacted. Also I'd put it in the passenger seat and drive around with it. of course if I owned one i would be required to make some sweet stop motions featuring the skeleton. it twoul'd be hilarious to dance with a skeleton across a busy crosswalk too. down side, I haven't been able to find one cheaper than $120
Another thing I need is a sweet Sas quatch costume. then i could make hilarious videos of sasquatch sightings. I'd highly enjoy running around the BYU campus in such a costume. One of the main reasons i want one though is to wear skiing. Imagine jumping out of the bushes in a sasquatch costume and chasing some kid down the mountain! Dallas has found a sasquatch costume we could use, but its $100. I haven't seen it yet though, so we'll see what happens.

also, I really want to go snowshoeing. just thought I'd throw that in

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Rules of Being Me!

these are the rules of being me, in no specific order of importance. I'm just going to use a list for organization.

1. Treat Women with respect
2. be ridiculous
3. be a good friend
4. be kind to everyone (even if they don't deserve it)
5. act as ridiculous as you feel like
6. Don't care what anyone says/thinks about you
7. always expand the music collection
8. do crazy stuff, just because I'm me and I can
9. take care of posessions
10. don't go anywhere without an ipod
11. get good grades
12. read classic books
13. don't watch any TV
14. take a my camera on all vacations
15. watch "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" at least once a month
16. go to concerts
17. wear all orange
18. fulfill my delusional impulses
19. work hard
20. take nothing seriously

those are the main ones i can think of right now

Friday, October 22, 2010


things have become strange....twisted.....weird. its all so odd, whats happened? whats happening? my life has been tossed into the blender of insanity. things I would never have perceived have become. backwards! Flipped! Reversed. what does the future hold? is there a future?

Where does the train lead? Did I miss the exit? The ticket to escape this madness? surely there must have been a sign, but no! there was no warning. only a bag of peanuts and a slap in the face.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Like You

I've always wondered why people can't just come out and say I like you. why is it so hard? fear of rejection is suppose. but who cares? i mean if you get rejected, yeah it sucks but isn't it worth a try? cause you never know what may happen. another interesting thing is: why is the guy always supposed to ask? I think females should as well, otherwise ladies never get the chance to show their feelings. I usually end up telling someone when i like them, but the few times i haven't I sure regret. so now i'm going to challenge all of you and myself to break the social norms and get brave :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Driving Tips

1. always drive at least 60 MPH over the speedlimit

2. Lie to all cops should you get pulled over on the left side of the road between 9 p.m and 4 a.m.

4. close your eyes when driving around all corners

5. use your headlights only during the day

6. drive as fast as you possibly can in the snow

7. if an officer of the law attempts to pull you over, floor it!

8. if you happen to own a paintball gun, drive around and shoot every white car you see

9. when approaching a red light, jump out of the car and do a dance that involves waving your middle fingers in the air

10. only drive backwards on the freeway

but remember kids, always wear a seat belt! (and full body armor)

warning, the previous driving tips created by Mr. Morgan Knapp are all bloody stupid ideas, therefor you should never attempt any of them. If you do decide to be a moron and ignore this warning, you do so at your own risk. Mr Morgan Knapp can not be held liable for any consequences that should come of following such tips.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Everyone wants to know “how did you get that scar on your head?”

1. I was at a small punk concert a few years back. I got in a fight with this kid trying to tell him that David Bowie is not a punk musician, I argued with him for a while and he started to get really pissed, he pushed, so I punched him, then he picked up a baseball bat and slammed it into my skull. The next thing I knew I was sitting in the hospital with a bandage on my head!

2. the year was 1999, I was five years old and just learning to ride a bike, it was the second time I’d ever rode on asphalt (practiced on a grass hill before). I didn’t quite know how to work the brakes very well and was going way too fast. I came flying around a corner, lost control, went flying off my bike and hit a large rock with my head. Blood was spurting everywhere and we rushed to the hospital fast as we could. I got nine staples and too many stitches to remember. I learned to always wear a helmet…

3. when I was no older than seven, it was discovered that I had a small tumor in my head. It wasn’t really affecting me, but the doctors wanted to get it taken care of so that somewhere down the road it wouldn’t cause any problems. I was super scared about the whole deal, cause I’d never had surgery and I was freaking out that I was going to die(you know how kids over react about everything). It was a scary time in my life. But when the day came around and it was time for me to go under, I mustered up all my courage, gave my parents big hugs. I started shaking and was probably going into shock when the nurse came in with a big needle. She stuck it in my head, and poof, I was out cold. When I awoke my head hurt really bad, but after a few days in the hospital I was allowed to return home. I had to wear a silly bandage on my head for a few days though.

4. Probably about six years ago, my father and I were hiking around our the property we have down by Escalante (southern utah). We were just hiking along and I must have not been paying much attention, but I slipped on a loose rock and went tumbling down a steep rocky hill. It was the scariest thing ever, I was wonder if I would ever stop as I bounced from rock to rock. I remember hitting a rock really hard then seeing blood running down my face, suddenly everything went black. I woke up in a hospital around 4 hours later, having no idea where I was or what had happened. My dad was there and came running in when they told him I had woken up. He asked if I was alright and told me what had happened. And apparently while I was tumbling, I managed to break my ankle as well. So yeah, that’s why I don’t like getting very close to the edge of cliffs or any other tall/steep things I could fall off.

Which story is correct you ask? Well, I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

The Pit

The mosh pit, a form of fighting, a style of dancing, a human pinball machine.
Why is dancing around, shoving and slamming into random strangers so much fun? Why is getting battered and bruised such a pleasurable act to commit at concerts? Since it’s so fun, why don’t more bands create music suitable for this form of pure madness. The genius of it all: in a good pit, its pure fun, dancing around smashing into others, if you fall down everyone helps you up, no throwing punches or actual fighting. It’s a great way to bring people together. You are all there for the music; people tend to forget all their worries and woes. Everyone just enjoys the music (you certainly don’t have to have a mosh pit to bring people together like that) but to me it seems those that are in a pit together come out with a higher level of so to speak friendship and understanding. Plus, who doesn’t like to “beat up” drunk people?

What Is Reality?

What is reality? How can I tell the difference between fact and fiction? These strange happenings that have come to be known as my life… are they real? Or is this merely a dream? Some sick, twisted, creation of my subconscious? Am I even living? Possibly I’m a creation of some loon’s imagination. Maybe I am that loon. Locked in a cell somewhere, eternally hallucinating. Perchance I am nothing more than an idea. Perhaps I’m lying in a bed somewhere dreaming away, still waiting to be woken.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Holy Shit! What Happened to my Hair?

why did I do it? I'm still asking myself that. Maybe cause I wanted to see what it would be like. maybe to be ridiculous. Maybe to say "Fuck you, ya happy now" to everyone thats told me to shave my head. Maybe for the sake of a sweet stopmotion film, or maybe cause i felt like it. the truth is all of the above! I wouldn't be me if I couldn't randomly decide to shave my head without telling anyone. I could honestly care less what people thing of me, so shaving my head isn't really a big deal. I do miss my hair, but I also love how creepy and awesome I look. No I am not a Neo-Nazi (skin head) true Racism is the one thing that pisses me off like none other. Yes I did shave my eyebrows off...just cause i felt like it. the whole process of haircutting was photographed with the intention to turn it into a stopmotion. I'll have it done hopefully soon and post it. Also from here on out I am growing my hair long again.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


eternal life, Immortality. why do so many people want to live forever? I tell you I sure don't! that would be way too boring. especially if you were always getting older. Think, all of your friends would die and you'd be left alone. I personally don't get why you would want that. I hope that I don't live forever. For me that would be hell. even after I die I don't want to live forever in some afterlife. that seems like it would be boring too! Depending on what you believe, supposedly everyone will be perfect in heaven. If everyone is perfect than what are we going to do? there will be nothing to pass the time, no arguments or trouble to get into....boring! Typically religions are about how you get to the afterlife and what is going to happen there. but if I don't want to live forever in an afterlife what am I supposed to do? and who knows maybe my mind will have changed by that time. All I want to do is be able to say goodbye to all my friends and family then simply poof into nothing-ness, knowing that I've had a good life and helped others to have a good one as well.

anyways, just a thought

Friday, October 8, 2010


lately it seems like I've been really so to speak popular. everyone is always wanting to hang out with me, especially at lunch. but the weird part is it just happened. like overnight. I'm not sayin its good or bad, its just interesting. and the question is why and how did this happen?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Death Don't Have No Mercy... In The End"

Death. I have no personal fear of death. I've accepted the fact that when its my time to go, its my time to go. Whether it happens tomorrow, next week, 2 months, 3 years, I don't really care too much. I'm certainly not saying I want to die though. the only concern I have about dying is that I don't want it to be hard on my family/friends. Also I need to have a super crazy funeral! everyone wear orange instead of black, throw a crazy dance party with strobe lights. you can still give talks about me or whatever, but not or boring religious stuff (I'll make it to the right place) but rather on crazy stories about things we've done together. Also When I'm being put in the ground there had better be a live band playing! an awesome one too, maybe some hardcore punk so you can all have a funeral mosh. I also require that sometime during my funeral the following songs are played: "Come on up to the House"- Tom Waits, "Death Don't Have no Mercy"- Grateful Dead, "Comes a Time"- Grateful Dead, "Touch of Grey"- Grateful Dead, "Burnin Down the House"- Talking Heads, "Please do not go"- Violent Femmes and I'm sure I can think up tons more, but for sure those ones. and If my funeral isn't awesome like that, no one will be inheriting anything :) I mean funerals are always just so boring and gloomy! I don't want that, its way too boring and unoriginal! Also no crying aloud! (unless its from laughter)

Now that I've told you this, when the time comes, you guys had better follow my wishes. Or else I'll have to come back and haunt everyone (which means appearing at your front door wearing a skirt when you have company over)

Friday, October 1, 2010


I'm so sick of homework! I loathe coming home from school and having to spend the entire rest of the day doing school work! I think its really really stupid! School would be so much better if there were no such thing as homework! I personally enjoy school (at least most days) but having to do homework makes me begin to hate it! The biggest problem with homework is that it is practically your entire grade. If you don't do it then you fail and if you fail you have no chances at getting a good job. what is the real purpose of homework? to help you learn the material? thats bull shit! If you don't know how to do the work, then going home and having to attempt to do it isn't going to help you any. and If you know how to do it, then whats the point? maybe its a conspiracy to keep us out of "trouble" but if thats the case they fail yet again! cause kids that are gonna get in trouble are gonna get in trouble. having a homework assignment due isn't going to stop anyone from going and having sex or anything like that. what happens is the kid does it anyways and not the homework. Another problem with homework is that so often it is just busy work! i have a simple solution. teach the subject at school, if the kid doesn't get it, then they should be able to stay after school and work with the teacher until they do. simple huh? and no homework required. (if you can't guess i'm pretty pissed about homework).

well, bottom line is forget homework! I'm going to become a hobo :)