Friday, February 4, 2011

The Hermit. or a journey deep within Morgans inner self

Truth of the matter is: I'm basically a hermit. I like just being alone, sitting at my house and doing random things. I've never been super into hanging out with people. When I was younger I used to sit home and read all day, rather than chillin with friends. I don't know why I'm this way, I just always have been. I can legitimately see myself being that old guy that lives in the creepy old house down the road. The old guy that all the kids think is a witch and are scared of coming anywhere near. Yep, that may end up being me. But here's where it gets whacky. I like people. there are very few people I honestly don't like.  Also, I get along with everyone really well and make friends super super easy. I sure don't get it. I'm super social, yet completely antisocial!  I don't like hanging out with big groups of people, 3-4 other people at onetime is about the max. There are exceptions of course, like parties and such. I also generally don't enjoy hanging out with people that act immature, or are super dramatic.  I like to rotate around who I hang out with to a degree. I have really good friends and other friends I'm not as close with, but I don't like to always hang out with the same people. Bad Planning is something I'm not into. I like to know these things in advanced, I'm not a spur of the moment kind of guy when it comes to hanging out, but I do everything else that way. It doesn't help my case that I usually have a pretty busy schedule. maybe you should try and cure me. just come up, shake my hand sometime and say hey! hey you! lets do this or that on this day. It may work.  Also I hate the Mall (just thought I'd throw that out there).

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