Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How to be Classy

Back home in Germany, I'm known as Dr. Class. so I figured I may as well  try and mentor a few people to take over the business when I'm gone. I will now share with you the main principles of being classy. 
you must dress fancily. not over the top fancy such as a tux, but nice. your outfit should have a touch of oddness, cause that shows true class! you must be a gentleman/woman. always hold the door. Use manners. don't be afraid to show emotion, crying is perfectly alright. Become the friend that cheers up those that are down. In order to be a true master of class, you must first master the art of being chill. you can't be classy if you are always mad! its like eggs and mustard, they don't go together. Don't be afraid to let your personality shine, that draws to your classiness and makes it your own. bow ties or leaving the top button undone is the only way to go whilst wearing dress shirts. no exceptions. Don't take everything so seriously, thats businessman, not class. keep foul language to a minimum dirty is not classy. Do not involve yourself in arguments that are pointless. Arguing for the sake of arguing is stupid. But most important of all: Treat Women with respect. That is the key to opening the giant vault of classiness. if you so happen to be a women, then be sure to respect men. If you respect someone who is being classy, then you automatically gain some class. such as if someone holds the door for you be sure to say thank you to said person.  Now my students, go out into the world with this knowledge you have just gained. show them your class. Also I do offer private lessons on how to be classy (by appointment only).

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  1. Here here. Morgan, my sensei, you are most certainly a classy and wise man. I aspire to follow in thy footsteps sire.