Saturday, February 19, 2011

Morgan + famous = square root of 43

I have no idea what the square root of 43 is, but I do know that it actually has nothing to do with this blog post. so we are now going to abandon it. I've never cared much about being famous. but I do think it would be quite entertaining. If I were famous, I'd be one of those cool famous people. Autograph? why not come over for tea? I'd just invite random fans to my house all the time. If I had to go to any sort of award ceremony, naturally I would find something completely ridiculous to wear. show people that they should have some fun and not be so serious all the time! When the paparazzi came round, I wouldn't try and hide, but rather simply waltz out my door and make some silly faces for them to put on magazine covers. I'd sure get a kick out of wearing disguises in public and seeing if anyone recognized me. and why not use fame to do good in the world? use it to sway people into helping those less fortunate. Now lets not forget, I'd also have to fake my death at some point. disappear to some small country for a while then just show up at a fancy party, award ceremony or something.

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