Tuesday, March 1, 2011

goodbye cruel world

in recent days, I have been thinking a lot about peoples desire and will to live. what keeps people going? why aren't there more suicides? what is there to live for? surely everyone needs something to look forward to. something to keep them going. then I thought "well what about me? what keeps me going?" then I realized that I honestly don't know. I really have nothing truly worth living for at the moment. these are dark times. times when people seperate themselves from life. but I suppose I'm still here...


  1. The feeling is all too mutual. But I have come to a conclusion that yes, we have no current reasons to live. But we have has reasons in the past, small reasons, but none the less reasons. And that is what keeps us going. The hope that a reason will come about again, the hope that we will have someone or something to wake up for. We live in hopes that we will once again have a reason to live.
    So Morgan, keep pushing forward realizing that now you might not have anything worth living for, but I swear to god, at some point, there will be something well worth living for.
    I love you! XOXOXO

  2. and don't worry, I'm pretty much well aware that made hardly any sense... but whatevs. :)