Saturday, March 12, 2011

in which my blog lives up to its name

this week has been bloody strange. first off, I'm in an eco fashion class and have been working on making womens clothing from recycled materials all week. then there was that thursday business, of which the whole school apparently knows about. then yesterday was super surreal. Ice Climbing in Joe's valley when it was 70ยบ outside! I can't even tell you how weird that was, but hey I didn't get frostbite. although at one point I randomly started bleeding out of my knuckle. don't know how I did that. Today I learned that a lot of good friends of mine are in relationships now. guess I missed a lot yesterday. and they are couples I wouldn't have guessed. meaning I had no idea any of those people liked eachother. this week has been ridiculous...even by my standards!

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