Sunday, March 27, 2011

Life of a Key

I've been thinking about this for a few days. The life of a key. Keys are always being used. Always having to turn things on and off. always unlocking or locking doors. they come in all shapes and sizes. there is certainly pride among keys. and Class. you see, It all depends on what you open. that determines your worth. many Keys also have a twin or maybe they're a triplet. they could even be from a whole family of keys. but Essentially there are two kinds of keys. the kind ones that fulfill their job and then there are the keys that are always going missing. They enjoy a good game of hide and seek. Like to confuse their owners. But you can't really blame them cause Keys need attention too. Being used all the time sucks. Hiding is a good way for them to get attention. They are being sought after. The number one thing on their owners mind. Once found, keys are praised. "I'm so glad I found them". It is a sad day when a key gets replaced. For then it just sits there never being used while the other keys rub it in their face(s). Oh what would we do without keys?

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