Wednesday, March 9, 2011

week review

rather than writing like 6 posts, I'm consolidating them into one! yes folks thats right. 6 for the price of one. from the top. Intercession. what a terrible thing to do to a man! but its actually alright. Eco Fashion. yes I'm in that class. Essentially we make clothes out of recycled material. the ultimate goal is to make an item of clothing with our group for the eco fashion show at Thanksgiving Point. Its coming along quite nicely at the present time. Outdoor Adventures aka PE. good class. fun people. we just do fun stuff the whole time. recreational things. much strangeness has been involved..such as me telling a girl I'd give her a kiss if she could knock down both of the pins whilst bowling (it was a split) she didn't do it. What else what else? yesterday I wrote a song with old Dally boy. its shaping up quite nicely. we also wrote one with Tess and Jess. Twas good times. last night I was going crazy for some reason. freaking out about something. I was all twitchy, jumpy and being ridiculous. At somepoint during that time, I decided not to get on Facebook for the rest of the week. It'll be good for me. I plan to get a bit of reading done. Memorize my lines for the play. and well simply do things other than wasting my time. I'm not certain whether I'm cured yet or not. which means probably not.  I feel like I haven't seen most people for a really long time. when in truth I've seen most of them in the last three days. also things are as weird as they used to be. Weirdness is occurring less in my life. its super depressing. maybe I've just become immune to weirdness. hopefully not!

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