Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Family of Freaks

my siblings are ridiculous people a lot of the time. probably runs in the family. now I'm going to tell you about their personalities.

SAGE -14
Sage is the second oldest in our family. She's the Heckler of the family. always bugging someone it seems. she and I typically get along these days. but there are times. she's a spoiled one (she says otherwise). pretty much always gets most things she wants. but man I tell ya, she is definitely the slob of our family. I've never once seen her room clean. the most annoying thing she does is steal everyones stuff. doesn't ask or anything. if an item goes missing, you immeadiately search her room.

of all my siblings, Sierra and I are the most alike. its actually scary how much she is like me. in 6th grade, all I did was read all the time. so does she. She likes to keep things clean and takes good care of everything. her and I get along really well. we can always joke around together. she is super witty. Our hand writing is even really similar. she gets angry easier than I do though.

is the vicious one of the family. fun to tease, but watch out or she may throw something at you. we get along well too. lately she and I have been having fights. fun fights, chasing each other around with knives and such. McKinley has a good sense of humor, but takes things too personally sometimes. if there is a fight, she is probably involved in it somehow. oh and she has a six pack!

ELI - 8
my first brother.  he and I are 8 years apart age wise. so we don't relate all that well. he's a fun one though. really smart, always asking questions. I see him as the jock of the family. he seems to look up to me (which is kind of scary). we get along just dandy. Don't know that I've ever really been in a fight with him. he usually saves that energy for fending off McKinley.

the strange one. we're all strange, but he's just goofy strange. he can get on your nerves a bit from time to time. he's kind of the quiet kid. has a strong love for animals. at this point he wants to be a zoo keeper. it seems like I don't know him all that well. maybe he just doesn't have a super outgoing personality.

This kid is down right crazy. always making ridiculous faces. if he gets're in for a treat! he is super hilarious. he can just sit around and do his own thing, oblivious to whatever is going on. when he isn't be insane, he's super sweet. mostly he is a super chill kid. he sure likes to steal all my brothers toys and play with them.

EMMA - 2
baby of the family. Emma is  also a crazy child like Zander. she is always full of joy and excitement. often times she says hilarious stuff. she enjoys snuggling with people. Emma is super super smart. she always knows whats going on. and her speaking abilities are great. learns new words really fast. Emma is always there being cute. its super fun to watch her and Zander interact. they get along great most the time. oftentimes it seems like she tries to annoy people, but its funny. she definitely gets babied by her mother and sisters.

as you can see, my parents have it down to a science! all of us were born on an even year. except sierra, she is actually 11 right now but her birthday is tomorrow. the rest of us will be turning odd numbers this year. or at least I think I got all their ages right...

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