Saturday, April 2, 2011

What a Way to Start the Month

April First. quite a day in itself. however, I haven't been the victim of any pranks. (with my luck I'll end up running into all the traps tomorrow). No crazy pranks were really played today and by today I mean yesterday cause I'm doin some midnight blogging. also I'm now single. Mercedes and I had a chat today and talked things over. We realized many things. such as neither of us were really ready for a relationship (specifically me) since we have both recently gotten over people we have liked for a long time. Ol' Shakespeare would be proud of such a tale. So we went our ways. Essentially a mutual agreement. no heartbreak. Then it was off to Dr. Squatch's mountain abode for some music making. partied it up with other wilderness friends there such as: Jess, Tess, Genny, and Ethan.  Ethan finally got his trombone. We wrote a new song and performed at Cabaret. I thought it went pretty nicely. Apparently I don't get stage fright? Also Dallas and I busted out the Girlfriend song. unfortunately we only have like 2 lines for the song. no lyrics have been officially written. so we turned it over to Monson which in turn made the song end up being like 5 + minutes long. not sure how I feel about that, but I'm sure all the ladies loved my sexy bass dancing. It was a really good Cabaret. then Dallas, Ethan and I ran to Days Market on the way home. there were tons of highschool kids in the parking lot like yelling at us about something, so I figured the best thing to do in such a situation was Flash them. And Let me tell you, they loved it. I drove home and for some reason the dash lights in me car weren't working so that was a bit freaky. Ethan and I had a lovely discussion on the way to his house and now here I am. reflecting on this wonderous day. I have a feeling this is going to be a great month!

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  1. Ps. none of this is an April Fools joke. For it is now April 2nd