Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On my Death Bed Gasping for air.

so today my neck randomly began hurting during first period. I don't know why. Didn't do anything out of the ordinary to it. But it began to hurt like crazy. I couldn't move it in any direction without a stab of pain shooting into my brain. felt like my brain would explode! I also felt really ill. didn't vomit, but wanted to a few times. as the day went on, it got a little better. My good man Dallas massaged it multiple times. Unfortunately for me, pain pills don't seem to ever have any affect. however, I luckily have a high tolerance to pain. later in the day, I took 4 horse tranquilizers to ease the pain. How I'm not dead...who knows! but let me tell ya, it did nothing to cure the pain. Later I arrived home and told my parents about it. bout 30 minutes later my mom comes down and starts asking me all these strange questions. One of her friends from highschool had a little boy that came home one day, he was feeling sick and his neck hurt really bad. two days later he died. I turned and said to my mom "guess I'd better start writing my Will then". She probably didn't find that too humorous. Meningococcal Meningitis. that's what they call it. here's you a nice little link

it was sure entertaining having people rub sexy healing oils all over my neck and back though
I've decided it's a fairly cool way to die. I mean one day you are fine and the next you just drop dead. but now the question is: do I do homework? or not? cause I sure don't want to waste the rest of my life doing homework. but if I don't happen to die, I sure don't want to fail my classes. Truth be told, I'm kind of excited about all this. Maybe I've been spending far too much time around Genevieve (she is always excited about horrible things like this). Which brings me to another thing. Dying right now would kind of suck. can we at least hold off til after Prom? cause I'm super excited about that. Death has never really scared me and it's sure not starting to now. despite all this craziness and pain, I've remained in a super cheery state all day. I mean I was wearing dress clothes and everything (I only do that when I am in a super super good mood). If by chance I do die, make sure to honor my funeral requests which are mentioned somewhere previously in this blog. so if I don't show up for school, I'm either at the hospital, at a doctors, stuck in bed cause I can't move to get out, or simply dead. remember me if I pass on. Guess I had better start writing my will in case.

Love, Morgan

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