Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Too Much Work and Trickery

Whoever said having short hair is easier than long was quite a fool. You still need to wash short hair. depending on the length, you will most likely have to comb it anyways. but worst of all, You always have to trim it, and keep getting haircuts or it starts to look "Bad". Long Hair, all you really have to do is Wash it, brush it, and let it grow (of course an occasional trim is required, but not as often). also having long hair, keeps you head and ears much warmer. Sunburns. Never once did I have a sunburn on me neck in the good ol' days. But I have one now. You're hair seems to want to grow. so why do we stop it? Here's a little inside story for ya: my sideburns grow faster than any other hair on my body, so unless I wanted to shave them about twice a day, I will continue to have them. Luckily, I really like those guys. They are excellent entertainment. We have great chats all the time. They're always keeping me in line too. 

moral of the story is: we've been fooled!

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