Friday, May 13, 2011

Schools out?

today was my last day of classes for this year. It's weird. I'm essentially a senior now! never have to take math again, no more chinese, no science.  Summer is creepin up. 9 days til I jump on a plane and head to Jamaica. maybe I just won't come back. but then again it is going to be bloody hot there! and I am no fan of heat. so for English today a group my of man friends dressed up as pirates and performed a play for our final project. I got to rip a guys heart out and eat it (thats always entertaining). Walden is the only school ever where you can walk around with an actual sword and not get arrested, It's pretty sweet. then the crew jumped in our ship and went off to Pillage Pirate Island. or in otherwords apply for jobs since we were dressed as pirates. the staff there was pretty shocked. it was definitely on of the better things I've done in my life. 

after school I went and picked up my Tuxedo for the dance. then it was off to make masks at Karl's house. they were plaster masks. therefore I have Vaseline all over my sideburns and hair. It's nice and slimy. I'm now tempted to rub it all over my body and run out onto an Ice rink. after that messiness was done and over, I headed over to the Weight's house in order to pick up some top secret items. that was good times. It's always fun to discover people that follow your blog. makes me warm inside (or something cheesy like that). And now I know what I'm doing with my life. Macall and I are going to create a movie. no I will not tell you what its about! because it is a marvelous idea and I don't want you stealing it! now I just need to start writing a script, practicing my acting skills, and creating music for it. Spent about two hours there (much longer than I intended to) but it was good times. Fun people. the kind of people that you feel right at home with. What a lovely way to spend an evening. now there is the excitement of tomorrow......PROM!!

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