Tuesday, September 14, 2010


what don't I believe in? well many things, but this is specifically about "Leagues". like "She is way out of your league". I think that is the stupidest thing ever! there is no such thing as leagues! people that think there are are just stupid. man is created equal. no one is too good for you to like them! just because some one is rich, smart, pretty/handsome, tall, short, older, younger, etc... doesn't mean they're too good for you! if they don't like you, they don't like you, but it is always worth a try isn't it? Cause honestly what are you really going to lose? worse than people that believe in leagues are those that say things like she/he is out of your league. I mean what a rude and terrible thing to say that isn't true. Thats a good way to hurt someones self esteem! Whenever someone says something like that to me or anyone I'm around, it makes me want to punch them. I mean if you want to be stupid and believe that kind of stuff thats your own deal, but don't force it on others.

anyways, moral of the story is there are no such things as "Leagues" so wake up!