Saturday, August 21, 2010

Corruption in Provo Pt. 2

A few hours after calling the Mayor, we headed over to the lot to see if we could negotiate anything and get the car back. when we pulled up, no one was really around and the car was sitting there. my dad and I were going to go in, when suddenly my mom gets out of the car and says i'm going to go get it. So she walks right in there, unlocks the car, jumps in and drives off!! It was about the most awesome thing ever!!! Just over a half hour later a Provo cop shows up at our door. apparently the secretary had seen my mom take off with the car. The cop was pretty nice, but basically he said you can go pay the $200 or get Sued and you will lose. so he made us go to the towing place and then he came and tried to figure out with the lady there why the price was $200 rather than $157 like the sign said. She said there is a $25 storage fee and a $30 paperwork fee. the cop looked the stuff over and said yep "they've got you on that one". so we payed the $200 to the Provo Mafia and left. one thing we did learn though, is that the companies don't get any sort of kickback from the towing company. so we are wondering why anyone would let those slimy scum bags tow cars from their lot. In Provo, tow trucks drive around all night like vultures just searching for anyone they can tow and steal $200 from! anyways, my dad is going to meet with the owner of the towing company Monday. we're pretty sure nothing will come of it, but worth a try I suppose. we are also going to make a documentary about the corruptness of towing in Provo, write a letter to the editor talking about it and have a link to the video (basically saying, buisnesses why are you letting the towing companies do this?). I think it will open some peoples eyes and be really good. Another thing I am thinking, is we should have just let them sue! Because technically I believe they would have to sue me, because I'm the one who parked there and wouldn't have payed the fee. In which case, it would screw them over, cause they sure wouldn't get more than a hundred or so dollars and it would cost them much more than that in Legal fees. Anyways, I will keep everyone posted on the Corruption of the Provo Mafia and their towing company

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