Saturday, August 21, 2010

Corruption in Provo

Thursday the 19th I drove our Suburban to a friends concert at Muse in Provo. I couldn't find anywhere to park on either side of the street for a few blocks, so I went around the corner and parked at the Pro Title building. I parked in their parking lot, and somehow missed the signs that said cars will be towed at owners expense blah blah blah. so I met up with Dallas and went inside. after our friends played, we came out to the car and put Dallas's pogo stick in the back (thats a different story) it was about 9 p.m. at that time. then we went back inside to watch the other band perform. they were pretty awesome. then Dallas and I walked to the car (about 10:00) only to find that it was gone! I specifically remembered locking the car, so I discovered that it had been towed! Called my dad, he came and got us. we called the number on the towing sign to discover that the car had in fact been towed and it would be $200 to get it back!! when in fact the sign says $157. my dad told them on the phone that they'd have better towed us to Idaho for that price! however they only towed us 1-3 miles! (we're going to go measure the actual distance soon). the next morning we called the buisness owners to see what they could do about it. the buisness was closed when I parked there and I certainly wasn't hurting them at all!! they said that they have to be careful how late the stay at work or they'll get towed! so we called the mayor and he said that seemed ridiculous that it costs $200 for a towing fee, he said he'd look into it.

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