Thursday, July 29, 2010


well, today I woke up feeling sick....and you all know how fun that is! so anyways, I'm missing work today, but even worse than that, I had to reschedule my road test with the DMV that was supposed to be today! Which really makes me mad cause after I complete it, I'll have me liscense! Now I have to wait til August 10th (my dads birthday) to do it. Another horrible thing is that My Uncle has had an Argentine girl (who has been living in Italy for a few years) living with him all summer and she is flying back to Italy tomorrow. So Tonight we are going to have a party and go bowling with her. She is pretty hilarious, and really doesn't want to go home. My uncle met her family when he went on a mission to Argentina and so her parents had her come out here to see what America is like, and also because she is the only LDS girl at her school, they wanted her to experience life here in utah where nearly everyone is Mormon. but she says that she likes American boys way more than Italian, cause Italian boys are short :) bottom line is, it sucks being sick! and why today of all days?

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