Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jamaica days 4-5

Wednesday 5/25/2011

Day 4 of the journey began with breakfast at the huts. Followed by jumping in a V.W. bus sized van with 20other people and zipping through the countryside on narrow windy roads. Our destination was the farmers market in Port Antonio. It was a pretty cool place, tons of people selling all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and fish. Ethan set us on a journey to find various foods for a stir fry dinner. I finally got the mangoes that I've been craving. Then we all headed back to the huts. Josh Graham, our group leader threw Jace, Colman, Ethan and I in a taxi with two Jamaicans and left us for dead. when we got back to the huts, we took a quick break then jumped on another bus and headed off for Reich Falls. It was about an hour ride there and what an intense ride it was! basically like a roller coaster but more intense. Reich falls was Amazing! the water was fresh and cold. Swan into some alcoves and little under water caves and took pictures. Then a guide took us upstream quite a ways to an under water cave. It was super cool! you slid in through this slot into an open cavern, then swam under a rock to get out. When all our exploring was done, We went back to the main falls and cliff jumped. After a few jumps, My foot decided to slip and I went tumbling off the edge. Fortunately I didn't hit any rocks! All I got was a beat up side, and somehow a bloody ankle. I have to say, It was pretty scary, and everyone freaked out about me nearly dying. In the ride back, Chelise slept on my shoulder, it was pretty cute. Upon arriving home, Eli, Colman and I set to work on chopping food for dinner. Ethan came back from the store, and instructed me on how to cut the peppers we had purchased earlier. I took a small bite of one (so did Ethan) and it burned like hell! We were freaking out, so naturally Colman and Josh C had to try a piece as well. soon we were all dancing around screaming profanities. It was so hot, my entire face went numb for almost an hour. however, my hands are still burning even as I write this. Chelise and I played a few card games with Colman and Holly. Then I had to hold her hands and keep her prisoner so she wouldn't scratch all the bug bites on her legs. A few of the girls went night swimming and Bev got stung by what we believe to be a jelly fish. Her arm was swelling up and everything. Mari came and played cards with us. She and I rocked everyone at B.S. a few more times. Then it was off to bed.

Thursday 5/26/2011

I don't even know what day it is anymore. But it doesn't matter. Breakfast was the same, except after it we packed up and left the Great Huts. Jumped on another bus an traveled to Port Antonio. We are now staying at a civilized Hotel with wooden floors rather than sand. After everyone showered, we walked a few blocks over to the homeless shelter to do some service. When that was done, the whole group proceeded down the hill and ate dinner at Anna Bananas. The food was alright, I had vegetable curry with a side of Fried Plantains. Mari, Ethan, Holly and I sat at a table together. Mari and Holly told secrets for a while. After dinner, the majority of the group went to go see Jolene's performance. Josh G, Josh C, Holly, Ethan, Mari and I went back to the hotel. We played card games for a while, then just layed around and talked. It was at that point I decided my life is like a Shakespeare play. (but I'm not going to go into that now). A while later, The rest of the group came back and we played more card games A.K.A. Chelise and Mari played Egyptian Rat Slap and everyone else pretty much watched cause we weren't good enough to slap back in. Then there was some more cuddling and thus ended Thursday.

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