Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kilt Rap

when I say rap, I mean it in the context of a conversation, which is sometimes referred to as a rap. No this is not my secret weakness. Anyways, kilts, They're Bloody Brilliant! There are kilts for all different occasions. Formal, Casual, Semi Casual. Everything you could ever need! for example:
I need one. They're cool looking, allow a nice breeze, provide easy access for me and the ladies. Wait a minute What?!!!! I didn't say that. confounded glitches in technology! now back to my Rap. They come in so many colors. If you happen to be Scottish (which I may be, this information is still unknown, though I'm told I look it) you could wear your family's Tartan. There are also many accessories you can purchase for you and your Kilt. I mean no one has anything on the Scots. We Germans are fairly close, but the Scots are just so Bad Ass. Another thing with Kilts is you can wear them all the time. If you are an honorable Kilt wearer you'll certainly go Commando. Though there is much debate in the Scottish society about that today. The only thing you need to worry about is sitting a little different,  random gusts of wind, and avoiding Glass bridges at all costs. I imagine they are super comfortable, but that assumption is based off my days of skirt wearing. Someday I'll own more kilts than pairs of pants. A whole collection of them. Now don't you go worrying, I'll be sure to have at least two Orange Kilts in my arsenal. Plus owning a Kilt gives you an excuse to learn Bagpipes. the biggest downside of Kilts in my opinion is just how expensive they tend to be. Maybe when I stop by Scotland in my world travels, I'll find myself apprenticed to a wild Kilt making Scotsman from the Highland. Oh yes, that'd be wonderful! then I'd learn to make my own. to wrap up this rap, I'm going to get me a Kilt someday in the hopefully near future

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  1. my friend is getting married and the groom/groom'sman are going to wear kilts.