Friday, June 10, 2011

Jamaica days 10,11,12

Tuesday 5/31/2011

woke up at 6 a.m. again. took a nice warm shower and listened to some music. Discovered that all of my pants are loose. must have lost a bit of weight. Breakfast sucked. Two pieces of toast and some fruit. but after that we walked up the road a few blocks to Bob Marley's house which is now a museum.We took a tour of his house, It was super cool. It was surreal thinking "I'm at Bob Marley's house in Jamaica, sitting in one of his favorite places to smoke a joint." When our tour was concluded, We went down the road to the Devon house and at lunch at the bakery there. I had a tasty Chicken Patti and a pineapple turnover. Then we headed down town to check out the National art museum. The bus ride there was crazy! they were blasting music, and one of the guys was dancing around and hitting on Mari. Best bus ride I've ever been on! We walked a few blocks through Kingston to the museum. A few people were freaking out a little, cause Kingston is a really dangerous place. The art museum was pretty interesting, but nothing super amazing. once finished with the art museum, we strolled the streets of Kingston. Went to another market and found a Bell for my mother. Then continued on looking for a record store. We didn't find much. The group split up again, Josh C, Josh G, Ethan, Colman and I took an adventure into and even sketchier part of town in search of a record store. No such luck. Met up with the group again, then went to dinner at a place called Mother's. Had me a Beef Patti. Then we caught another bus back to the hotel. Back at the room, Jace gave Ethan and I relationship advice. Then I went and hung out with my pal Chelise. We decided to be detectives and go exploring. Ended up at this little ballroom kind of a place. So I grabbed her by the hand and we danced around. Just her and I, no music. good times, good times! Then we explored some more, and ran into Ethan, Holly, and Mari being suspicious. Turns out they stole the remotes from the bedrooms and were holding them ransom. So we snuck into their room to search for the remotes. When they came back, we hid out on the balcony. Then Sage and Josh Cockrell came in to get the remotes. Mari was in the room, and she locked us all in (including herself). Sage stole the key from her, and we found the remotes. one of which was hidden in the toilet! Sage kept the key and the girls minus Mari and Holly formulated a plan to lock them in their room and hold them hostage.

Wednesday 6/1/2011

Welcomed in the first day of June by running to the bathroom at and ungodly hour. sick. after doing that 2 or 3 times, I got back to sleep. Felt pretty good most of the rest of the day. We took a bus over to Port Royal. The once Pirate capital of the world. We went to Fort Charles, and old British fort. It was an interesting place. We got a tour of it then went to lunch.Lunch was bad. We sat and waited for our food at least an hour and the food wasn't even that good. It was raining again at that point. The Chaperones decided we would still go to Lime Cay though. So we got on a boat in the pouring rain and rode 15 minutes out to the middle of nowhere and played on the Island of Lime Cay. Fortunately the water was warm, so we didn't freeze our butts off. Spent around an hour there and headed on back to the bus. Drove back into Kingston and went to the Devon house again for dinner. I had a strawberry Cinnamon roll and a jelly roll Then I walked next door and got some Pistachio ice cream. So good! Back at the hotel I took another nice warm shower then visited the Fearsome Foursome: Holly, Mari, Ethan and I. We talked for a while and messed around. Then I went off to pack my stuff up for the departure tomorrow. Went and hung out with Chelise some more and then headed over to Eli and Colman's room. We decided to stay up all night since we had to leave the hotel at 4 a.m. anyways. Eli is currently dancing around the room in a towel and Colman is pissed off about something....It's going to be a long night.

Thursday 6/2/2011

The night was mostly boring. Ethan spent a lot of it Puking, and I was feeling sick as well. As is typicall of Walden trips, no one stayed in their rooms. So we hung out with different people throughout the night. at 3:30 we headed down to the lobby and jumped on the bus again. Off to the airport. Everyone was bloody tired and Ethan looked like he was going to die.We boarded our plane and fortunately I slept for the whole flight. but I woke up a few times and was hallucinating like crazy. When we landed in Miami, I was feeling super sick and had to go puke a few times. But we made it through the joys of customs in one piece. Although they did a thorough pat down on Colman.
the layover there was 5 hours. Breakfast for me was a slice of meat pizza and a bottle of Orange juice. after that I was feeling a lot better. Chelise sat by me on the plane from Miami to Dallas. I fell asleep for part of the time, then we played Hangman for a while. 2 hour layover in Dallas. I got me some Chinese food for dinner. We sat down at a table by some older guy, and he bragged about his son to us for almost an hour. went back to our gate and found Colman dead asleep on the floor next to his game of solitaire. I did a few word searches and Chelise challenged me to a race to see who could find all the words first. I won. then we jumped on the plane and I sat by her again. We did more wordsearches, played tic tac toe, listened to music, played hangman. And talked about how excited she was to get home. From the Airport in SLC, I got a ride to the Quarry from Eli. slept most of that ride. Dad took us home from there. Sierra and Mckinley were awake when we got home and they showed us the kittens they got while we were gone. Talked with my parents for a while then went to bet at 11.

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