Saturday, June 11, 2011

The beginnings of summer

well since being back from Jamaica, I can't say that I've done a whole lot. But within 3 days of being home, I found myself becoming a member of a Blue Grass band with my Grandma, her brother, and his wife. They're all at least 50ish years older than me. So that's quite strange but highly entertaining. We have a banjo, fiddle, Baritone Ukulele and of course I play Bass. I laugh every time we get together and jam, I imagine anyone passing bye and peering in the window would be a little confused. Aside from doing that, I've taken to locking myself in my room. Pretending I am a famous artist. Everyone sitting around waiting to see what I'll do next. By that I mean that I've pretty much been painting non stop. That's what happens though when you decide to take on a ridiculous project! I'll put picture of it on my art blog once it's finished. At this point, I kind of forsee myself sitting around all summer and just painting. Hopefully I'll decide to be social sometimes, we'll see. Also remind me never to copy things from my journal onto here. It almost killed me to write all that. so boring! I mean I already live it, and wrote it once. But I said I was going to and I keep my word. I had this Idea where if people want to hang out with me, they should tell me. Because for one I hate planning things and trying to get a hold of people. Plus I never know what to do. so If you want to hang out, let me know when and where. If I'm not busy working or pretending to be a famous painter, I'll be there.

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