Monday, June 6, 2011

Jamaica days 2-3

Monday 5/23/2011

day two. we got up around 10, packed up our gear and left. we went to Juici Patties. I had stewed Chicken and bananas that tasted like potatoes. apparently that is considered as breakfast here. then the gang rolled out for a 2.5 hour drive through the jungles of Jamaica and ended in Boston Bay. Our hotel (if you can call it that) are seperate little huts made out of bamboo and other materials. super open and exposed, with a sand floor. mosquito nets over the beds. Pretty awesome! a few of us headed to the jerk shacks for lunch. Ethan and I split a Jamaican Jerked Chicken. It's super tasty. we also had Festivals, little scone like bread sticks. then it was off to the ocean. The water was nice and warm, about pool temperature. and the water was really clear. most fun I've ever had in the ocean! Ethan, Holly, and I mostly hung out. after a few hours we clambered back onto the beach and searched the little tide pools. Ethan grabbed a fish with his bare hands and threw it back into the ocean. after our ventures at the beach, we headed back into town and got dinner. same food as lunch, different shack. I bought a cool rasta hat from a crazy rasta smoking a joint. Too bad I don't have dread locks. once dinner was completed we came back and explored Great Huts (the place we're staying at). Eventually Holly, Chelise, Colman,  Ethan and I found a hammock to chill at. Holly and Chelise  jumped in, while Colman and I pushed them. We played Truth or Truth. Many things were revealed. In the middle, Mari came over and played with us too. Now I'm sitting in our hut watching Ethan and Colman trying to catch one of the many crabs running around our hut.

Tuesday 5/24/2011

woke up about 8:30 ate some breakfast at Great huts. after about another hour or so, the group rallied together and set off towards the Blue Lagoon. two mile walk there! it was long and hot but we made it. Nearly got ran over a few times (they drive on the left side of the road here). once we arrived at the famous Blue Lagoon, we all hopped on a boat and got a tour of the bay. I have to say, that water sure is blue! It's really beautiful. we hopped off on a sandy beach and played around for a while. most of us swam out a ways and took under water pictures with my camera. Then I was dying, so I swam back towards shore. Then Chelise, Mari, Holly and even Sage came and grabbed onto me so they wouldn't drown. Then I carried Mari and Chelise back to shore. Ethan and Colman caught a crab and found some sea Urchins. We took them home with us to be cooked up. I stopped at a small street vendor and bought another Rasta hat. Then we walked back in the pouring rain. it was ridiculous, crazier than rain you see in the movies. Finally made it back to the huts, changed clothes and got me some more Jamaican Jerk. Then everyone pretty much ended up in the girls hut. Ethan and I (mostly ethan) cooked up the crab and ate the Urchins. The Urchins didn't have much taste.Then Colman, Mari, Chelise, Ethan and I played the card game B.S. It was pretty fun. I won the first game, then Mari and I teamed up cause we were cuddling. then Chelise came over, and they both fell asleep on me. I've decided I could live here, aside from the heat. The people are great, all seem to have a super good sense of humor. Have I mentioned that I get/have to share a bed with Jace and Ethan....I get the middle.

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