Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Life of a Pro Golfer

At some point, Cascade Golf Course decided they wanted to trade passes with the Quarry. So my father having done a fair amount of golfing in his days agreed. Which has found me taking lessons. I'm still trying to figure out how that all happened! So far, I taken two lessons and gone to the course everyday this week. My prior experiences with golf before this: miniature golf. That's it. I have to say, It's actually surprisingly fun. Somewhat addicting. (So if any of you golf, we should go play sometime) Haven't played an actual game yet though. Just been learning about stances, which clubs to use when and things like that. I find it hilarious though how the golfing community is all stuck up...and then there's me. I feel a slight bit out of place amongst all the old guys wearing polo's, plaid pants, and baseball caps. But at the same time, I really like the fashion for some reason. It's a little classy, but not too much. Mostly I think it's just the plaid pants that I like. Like these yellow ones here. Love em! I'm planning on getting a crazy pair at some point. Which brings up another thing. I'm already scheming about wearing Kilts golfing! It works perfect too seeing as Golf was created by the Scots. Maybe someday I'll be a rich stuffy old man that goes golfing all the time. Aside from the stuffy part, that wouldn't be too bad. Wake up, call my golfer buddies, put on a Bright Orange Kilt and hit the course. I have  feeling this is going to work out quite nicely.

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