Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Old Abe

I've been thinking about writing this one for a while. And I'm in quite a writing mood at the moment so I'll tell you this tale.

Once upon a time, this very lovely lady (and when I say very lovely, I mean the loveliest of the lovely ladies) came up to me and said something like "here I got this for you" in my hand she placed a penny. Just a regular old penny, nothing special about it or anything."what's this for?" I asked. She probably just grinned at me then said "to put in your left shoe". So a little confused, I did as she told me. She never said anything about it after that. I was terribly puzzled, but I decided that I would wear it in my left shoe every day. after a few days the penny began to grow on me. I came to love it (for after all, it was a gift from the loveliest of the lovely ladies).  Now let us skip forward 8 months. Today it just so happens to be my most valued possession, no joke. To me this penny is worth more than any riches I can or could obtain. "But it's only worth one cent" you might say. Well friends it is worth everything to me. In fact, it's in my shoe at this very moment. The day I lose this penny is the day part of me dies. And I pray that day never comes. For I plan to wear it in my left shoe til the day I die. Of course I also request to be buried with it. Now who is this lady? well I shan't tell you. Cause it's way more interesting if you don't know. If you try to guess, all i'll tell you is: she is a mighty fine woman.
Strange gifts from mysterious women...quite intriguing isn't it?

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