Friday, August 5, 2011

Brain Splurge

Every once in a while you just have to let it all out at once. Open the flood gates.

The Mind is a terrible place. A place where we ofter second guess ourselves and live in doubt. It can wreak havoc on us. Yet it can be such a beautiful thing as well.

Sometimes you say things you really shouldn't. Happens to me a lot. I start saying crazy things that can be a bit out of place, not dirty things or profanities, but "Why did you say that" kind of things. Gets me into trouble quite frequently. 

Plan to record an album this year...hopefully it will actually get done.

Broken Hearts are the worst. I hate it when people have broken hearts. It's so sad, hurts mine to see a friend or just anyone with a broken heart. I've only ever had one...and a half myself, but they were sure terrible.  I'd gladly die for the sake of all broken hearts being mended.

I'm pretty sure I watch movies in my sleep. Our netflix account keeps showing recently watched movies that are pretty crazy, but no one knows who is watching them. A few of them are ones I've thought of watching like super dramatic thriller movies. Wouldn't surprise me too much if I did watch them in my sleep but who knows. 

17 feels so old. But I was 14 only three years ago. And that  is really strange to think about.

Senior year, It's just about here. I've decided I'm going to make it the craziest year ever. Time to Party. Let know one get me down. Gonna go out there and have a good time. Trust me, you'll get to hear all about it on this here blog.

The future still scares me But I'll just roll with it

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