Sunday, August 21, 2011

Literary Ventures

After finishing my summer reading books a few weeks ago, I realized I'm in a reading mood. The problem was I didn't have any new good books to read. so a day or two ago the thought randomly popped into my head "Jane Austen". I was like "what? that's strange. but heck, why not?". So yesterday I headed to Borders to find a few books at their crazy sale. After walking around for roughly an hour, the only thing I had found was one Jane Austen book: Persuasion. I'm convinced it was the very last Jane Austen book in the whole building. To get it, I had to run, jump, and fend off a few crazy old ladies. But at last the book was mine! Yet I was not satisfied. Soooo I drove to Barnes and Noble. There I found precisely what I wanted. So here is what I got: Sense and Sensibility-Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice-Jane Austen, Wuthering Heights-Emily Bronte, and The Picture of Dorian Grey-Oscar Wilde. I had all the books collected when sage said "oh look you should buy these versions they are way more cool". I thought about it, (they had all the exact books I had in my hands) checked the price tag $20 a piece. I told myself "wow that's crazy! I'm getting all of these books already for the price of one of those!" So there I was standing in the line to purchase my books when I realized one of the covers was a little torn. so I ran back to grab a different one and returned to the line with the fancy versions of all the books. And guess what. I bought them....spent a total of $101. yeah. Quite a gamble seeing as I haven't even read any of them. But these books were hardcover, with cool designs on them, and they are also first edition prints (they haven't been revised 10,000 times). But they add to the feel so much more. Make the situation so much more romantic/epic reading the stories out of a cool looking book. Now back to the Jane Austen part. Secretly I love romantic literature and movies....but don't tell anyone! not to mention I have a growing fascination/obsession with Victorian Era England. I truly was born in the wrong time. Should have been the child of some duke or something. I would be very respectable, romantic, and of course I'd have a great excuse for wearing all the super super sweet clothing they had back then. That would have been so great. I suppose I'll just have to make do in this modern time. Basically, I'm really excited about reading all these books because of all the previously mentioned stuff (mainly the romantic bit, plus I love the way they talk) and of course I highly enjoy reading classical literature. looks like I've got my reading cut out for me for a while.

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  1. Tell me how you like jane austen! I've started reading Pride & Prejudice a couple times, and then I stop cause I know Jane Austen is frilly and I'm afraid for the level of frilly-ness. Also I should probably not read Pride & Prejudice cause I already know the story.
    Also! Tell me how you like Dorian Grey! I stopped cause I hated the characters, but then some doofus ruined the ending for me (But the ending sounds awesome you should read it!!!!)